Children’s Book Review: Mommy, Do You Love Me?

Mommy, Do You Love Me? written by Jeanne Willis and illustrated by Jan Fearnley, is a sweet and charming book about the unconditional love between a parent and child! The message is simple… whether Little Chick gets muddy or comes in last place or even chirps too loudly, his mommy will always love him!  Little Chick learns, most importantly, that even when his mommy loses her patience and yells (as moms sometimes do!)  she still loves him. Likewise, even when Little Chick gets upset with his mommy, he still loves her! This heart-warming and reassuring book for young children teaches a valuable lesson about the unconditional love of family.  Sure to become a favorite that will be read over and over again. This beautiful book is definitely worth purchasing for your little one or as a gift!  Perfect for Toddler-preschool age children.

Mommy, Do You Love Me?


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