Awesome Children’s Theme Birthday Parties at Home!

Do you want to plan an awesome and affordable birthday party for your child right in your very own home?  Don’t know where to start? Relax! The key to successful children’s parties is in the preparations you make before your child’s special day. Taking the time to get things organized ahead of time can make for a smoother and more enjoyable party for all! These basic party planning tips will help make your party a huge success! 

See Preparing for Children’s Theme Birthday Parties at for planning tips and a variety of creative children’s theme party ideas!

2 comments to Awesome Children’s Theme Birthday Parties at Home!

  • I love themed birthday parties and enjoy carring the theme right through from the invitations to the final party bags and thank you’s! I generally always have the parties at home and no my house is not huge, but luckily my girls birthdays are during the summer months! Yes, yes, yes to planning ahead. I have found it very successful to have a party craft as one of the activities and then use this as their party bag gift to take home with them. Saving money on the party bag gifts and keeping the children busy with something fun to make during the party. Take a look at our website my friend and I started the company after spending so much time planning our daughters special parties at home and then having to waste our precious time shopping around for tableware that was different, good quality party gifts that did not cost the earth and would infact actually last longer than a week!

  • Themed birthday parties are really great. Plan ahead and make it extra special. From the invitations to the decor, cake, games, all should be theme-related. Your child will remember it forever!

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