Veggie Tales: The Perfect Choice for Easter Baskets!

If you are looking for something extra special for your child’s Easter basket, look no further. Children absolutely love Veggie Tales DVDs!  Over the past several years, the Veggies Tales series has become a smash hit, earning a reputation for quality entertainment which is both enjoyable and meaningful.  These DVDs teach and reinforce positive values in a humorous way, and are simply some of the best children’s DVDs out on the market today. The plots are hilarious; the songs are catchy; the animation is creative; the dialogue is witty and the real bonus is that the stories teach children a moral lesson.

Why not fill their Easter baskets with a treat for their minds and hearts? You just can’t go wrong with these entertaining DVDs loved by both kids and adults. You will discover that Veggie Tales is a product that you can truly believe in! And as mother always said,"You just can’t get enough of your Veggies!!!"

See the Little Ones Easter Special Feature for Easter holiday tips and crafts.  Also see Recommended Veggie Tales DVDs  for more information about the Veggie Tales series.

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