Making the Most of Your Springtime Parent-Teacher Conference

Parent-teacher conferences can be a wonderful opportunity for parents to learn more about their child’s academic performance and to obtain useful pointers on how to further develop their child’s educational skills.

Typically schools will have both Fall and Spring Parent-Teacher conferences. Fall conferences tend to cover basic performance assessments and setting specific academic goals for the current school year. Spring conferences tend to focus on reviewing student progress throughout the year and continuing to set academic goals for both the current and subsequent school years. When attending a Springtime conference it is wise to take careful note of any information regarding your child’s basic learning style or any areas of strengths and/or weaknesses. Also pay close attention to skills which need to be reinforced over the summer and ideas regarding any special placements for the next school year.

By taking this opportunity to build a strong foundation of parent-teacher teamwork and communication, you can improve the chances of your child having a more positive and successful experience..

See the complete Little Ones’ article Making The Most of Your Springtime Parent-Teacher Conference for tips on how to make your child’s conference more meaningful and  productive. 

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