Nursing Pillow Selections

Nursing Pillow Selections


Nursing pillows can be a lifesaver for breastfeeding moms and mothers of multiples!  Nursing pillows provide the proper support for both mom and baby during breastfeeding.  Proper positioning for mother and baby is a key to successful breastfeeding.  Nursing pillows can assist babies in the latch on process and help them nurse more comfortably and efficiently.  Little Ones is featuring the following brands which are both secure and comfortable, provide moms with the necessary back support and can be used even after cesareans.  These products feature removable and washable covers.  Many of these brands are recommended by lactation consultants for single babies and especially for breastfeeding multiples.

The first set of nursing pillows below are available in both basic and deluxe models.  They are a very popular choice among mothers, and are known for their firmness and back support.

The next nursing pillows are more softer and flexible structures.  Although they offer less in the way of support, they work well for mothers and infants who prefer less firmness in a nursing pillow.  Many of the following brands of nursing pillows can be used for multiple purposes in addition to feeding.  They are comfortable enough to use for baby’s playtime, relaxing time and also give gentle support to babies who are learning how to sit.

The nursing pillows below are especially helpful for feeding multiples. They are large enough to accommodate more than one infant at a time. They deliver firmness along with proper support for both mother and infants during feeding. They are also available in basic and deluxe models.

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