Keeping Track of Your Baby Using an Infant Feeding Schedule (print version)

Keeping track of feedings and the frequency of wet or soiled diapers can be a challenging task for both new and experienced parents, especially in those first few hectic weeks after baby’s arrival! When working on little or no sleep and/or dealing with multiple babies, you can easily forget who was fed (if multiple babies), or when the last feeding took place. Keeping a written log of details such as the frequency, times and amounts at feedings; urine and bowel frequency; unusual reactions; temperatures or medications; and any observations or questions, will help you begin to understand your newborn and his or her emerging feeding/sleeping patterns. These types of records are also useful for anyone taking care of the baby in your absence since any pertinent information regarding feeding or diapering will be readily available.

It works well to keep such logs on a clip chart with a pencil that can be attached by a short string. Try your best to keep your chart in a highly visible and accessible location since you will be reviewing it frequently. Logs can also be whole punched and kept in binders for future reference, especially if your baby has experienced any problems that need to be carefully monitored.

Keeping feeding logs or records can be extremely helpful during the first few hectic weeks, and they can continue to be used for as long as you need them. Keep in mind that since no two babies are exactly alike (even twins), no two feeding schedules will look the same. Feel free to make any adaptations and additions to the template provided according to your individual needs.