Hurray for Children’s Non-Fiction & Reference Books!

Expand and enrich your child’s reading repertoire with the introduction of well-written non-fiction books. Not only will your child develop the important lifelong skill of reading for information, but he or she is guaranteed to acquire numerous facts and background knowledge along the way. Many children’s non-fiction books are based on a variety of topics directly from their school and state curriculums!!!  There are some awesome children’s series available! Reading well selected non-fiction books gives children a tremendous head start on classroom learning. An effective strategy is to read non-fiction books at home which correspond to upcoming or current units of study at school. You may also wish to have young children read a wide variety of non-fiction topics in order to determine their personal  interests. Whether it be animals, astronomy, mythology or something different, discover their passion and pursue it!

Likewise, support your child’s efforts by having reference books such as a dictionary or thesaurus on hand when completing assignments. While younger children benefit from simply exploring illustrated dictionaries, older students can simplify their tasks through the use of specialized teaching tools such as rhyming dictionaries and more.



Recommended Non-Fiction Books:

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs: The Definitive Pop-Up Book

D'Aulaires' Book of Greek MythsBook of Greek Myths, D’Aulaire (Greek Mythology)

The Magic School Bus Inside the Human Body The Magic School Bus Series, Joanne Cole  (Science Curriculum topics)

Eyewitness: OceanDK Eyewitness Books Series (Science,Social Studies, Sports, Art, Religion, Animals)

Our Solar System (revised edition) Our Solar System   Seymour Simon


Who's That Stepping on Plymouth Rock? Who’s That Stepping on Plymouth Rock? (Social Studies Curriculum topics)

 Where the Sidewalk Ends 30th Anniversary Edition: Poems and DrawingsWhere the Sidewalk Ends, Silverstein (Poetry)


Time For Kids: Planets!Time For Kids: Planets!

Recommended Non-Fiction Authors:

Cole, Joanne

Fritz, Jean

Gibbons, Gail

Simon, Seymour


Recommended Reference Books:


My First Dictionary: 1,000 words, pictures, and definitions (DK Games)My First Dictionary , Root (words, pictures & definitions)


My First ThesaurusMy First Thesaurus, Mcdougal, Littell & Company


DK Children's Illustrated DictionaryThe DK Children’s Illustrated DIctionary



Scholastic Dictionary Of Spelling (Revised)Scholastic Dictionary Of Spelling (Revised)



 Scholastic Rhyming DictionaryScholastic Rhyming Dictionary