Genna and Russ, the Generous Kids!

Imagine a world where children are taught at an early age to be kind and generous. It’s possible with a little help from friends like Genna and Russ, the Generous Kids. These influential and entertaining children’s products are designed to teach positive values such as caring, giving and sharing in young children ages 3 and up. 

Genna and Russ, the Generous Kids are charming brother and sister goats (kids) who teach valuable lessons in generosity and kindness. Their playful adventures introduce them to various animals in need. Genna and Russ respond with kindness and respect, and are rewarded for their generosity with the gift of friendship.

Children are introduced to Genna and Russ in the delightful hardcover book Meet Genna and Russ, the Generous Kids, the first in its series. Written by award winning children’s author, Sarah Wilson and beautifully illustrated in vibrant colored claymation by Terry Taylor, this book is sure to become an instant favorite!

Meet Genna and Russ, the Generous Kids also includes an enjoyable CD of catchy sing-a-long children’s songs which reinforce these positive themes. Your child will be singing these inspiring lyrics over and over again. This CD is perfect to listen to in the car or just about anywhere.

Songs including titles such as:

"We’re the Generous Kids"

Giving Makes Your Heart Smile"

It’s Cool to Care"


"Lend a Helping Hand"


Meet Genna and Russ, the Generous Kids also includes a Caring Kids Connection Page which is a wonderful guide for parents and children. This special book feature encourages families to think about additional good will ideas and activities that they can do together.

Also available are Genna & Russ Plush Toys. This absolutely adorable set of 2 lovable plush toys are perfect best buddies for your child, and a great visual reminder of Genna and Russ’ positive messages.  These quality plush toys attach at the hand and have embroidered Genna and Russ T-shirts.

Children learn by example, so why not let Genna and Russ, the Generous Kids lead your children to a spirit of caring, giving and sharing? Genna and Russ are just what our little ones need! These precious brother and sister goats are making the world a better place one "kid" at a time!

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As the Generous Kids song states, "Giving Makes Your Heart Smile," and Generous Kids Inc. truly practices what it preaches. A portion of their profits are given to worthy children’s charities.