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Can’t Get Enough of These Veggies!

Every so often an outstanding product comes along that you can truly believe in.  If you are searching for quality entertainment that also teaches values, look no further. You just can’t go wrong with any of the Veggie Tales DVDs from Big Idea Productions! Over the past several years, Big Idea has created what we consider to be some of the best children’s DVDs out on the market. These DVDs are enjoyable for kids of all ages, not to mention grown-ups as well. The plots are hilarious; the songs are catchy; the animation is creative;  the dialogue is witty and the real bonus is that the stories teach children a moral lesson.

The characters, who are all vegetables, engage in a clever story centered around a lesson involving character development. Lessons include relevant themes such as thankfulness, telling the truth, peer pressure, perseverance, handling fear, avoiding temptation and rumors to name just a few. Since the Veggie Tales slogan is "Sunday Morning Values, Saturday Morning Fun!" some of these DVDs are based on a religious story or event. Other stories are amusing spoofs of popular shows such as Rocky, Star Trek, The Wizard of Oz, Indiana Jones and more. Each DVD contains a special bonus feature, a real crowd pleaser…"Silly Songs" a wildly funny song about something which is absolutely ridiculous.

Children absolutely love characters such as Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber. They will definitely be watching these DVDs and singing these memorable lyrics over and over again. So, why not let them enjoy these great shows while reinforcing positive values at the same time?

To give some specific examples, Madame Blueberry is a wonderful story about a very "blue" berry who seeks to find happiness at the StuffMart store, only to discover that "a happy heart is a thankful heart." Larry-Boy & The Fib From Outer Space demonstrates how a little white lie can snowball into a Big FIb, and how the "truth shall set you free."  A Snoodle’s Tale, is a more serious, but very touching tale of how each child is special and unique. Larry-Boy and the Bad Apple explores the temptation of playing too many video games and other bad habits (Sound familiar?) These are just a few of the numerous DVDs and lessons presented so skillfully by Veggie Tales. The list just goes on and on….

Little Ones has created this page of our most highly recommended Veggie Tales DVDs to assist you in your selections.  However, as mentioned previously, you simply can’t go wrong with any Veggie Tales investment. You may also wish to shop for Veggie Tales based on those lessons which are of interest to your family. No matter which DVDs you choose, you will be providing your child with  an entertaining and worthwhile learning experience. Our family has purchased almost all of the Veggie Tales DVDs and they are among the most popular and influential DVDs we have in our household!