Getting A Head Start on Valentine’s Crafts

Valentine’s Day is on the way!!!! Believe it or not, it’s just a few short weeks before Valentine’s Day will arrive. Valentine’s Day can be an great opportunity for children to give of themselves. Homemade cards and gifts are guaranteed to bring joy to family members, friends and neighbors, but these projects take time to complete.

Getting started ahead of time is the key to completing Valentine projects with ease. Right about now you may wish to select ideas for projects and start gathering your materials. Make sure that projects are age appropriate so children do not get frustrated. As a guideline, children should be able to complete the majority, if not all of the project, on their own. Naturally, smaller children will need assistance with tasks such as cutting. Check your supply of construction paper (preferably reds, pinks and white), paper doilies (for that extra fancy touch), recent or creative photos (Have your child hold up a sign with a special message), and of course every child’s favorite… plenty of glitter!  (Try Crayola Glitter Glue Pens to cut down on the mess!!!)

Protect your table with newspaper, expect a bit of a mess, have fun and finally make sure children sign and date their works of art. Valentine’s cards and gifts don’t need to be perfect, and may not come out exactly as you had planned, however what counts is that they are a labor of love. Children are learning how to give of their time and their talent while creating a precious card or gift that will be treasured for many years to come!

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