Great/Award Winning Children’s Books

Great/Award Winning Children's Books

The Children’s Book Corner is your complete guide to choosing stimulating books for children from infancy through the teen years. It is easy to encourage reading skills with these great/award winning books which are sure to become instant favorites in your home! Since strong reading skills are a key factor in overall academic success, developing and maintaining a lifelong love of reading is essential. Getting your children hooked on books is simple with this outstanding selection of quality reading materials.

Favorite Children's Books
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Goodnight Moon


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Eyewitness: Ocean


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Ranger Rick


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Note: The book selections above have been grouped according to general reading level guidelines. Since reading readiness and interest levels develop at different rates, it is recommended that you check the sections above and below your child’s grade level in order to tailor choices to fit your child’s individual abilities. Each section provides book links which point to additional information such as recommended age levels, book summaries, Amazon book reviews and ordering information.