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Little Ones’ Review of Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol

An Easter Carol is the perfect pick for Easter baskets! This clever twist on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol focuses on the true meaning of Easter. Poor Ebenezer Nezzer has missed the whole point of Easter! Despite his Grandmother’s teachings, Ebenezer mistakenly believes that Easter is all about plastic eggs, chocolate bunnies and baskets. Things get out of hand when he overloads his factory of mechanical chickens and makes plans to tear down St. Bart’s Church in order to build "Easterland," where Easter fun lasts all year round. Thankfully, Ebenezer is visted by Hope, an angel who takes him on visits to the past, present and future, and shows him what Easter is truly about. Hope teaches Ebenezer about the story of Jesus’ birth, death and the joy of Jesus’ resurrection at Easter. Ebenezer discovers that Easter is the season of HOPE and EVERLASTING LIFE for those who believe!

An Easter Carol is a holiday classic full of fun and excitement, wonderful music and most of all, is a touching lesson about the Hope & Joy of Easter!

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