The Little Ones Holiday Special Feature

The Little Ones Holiday Special Feature is the ultimate holiday resource for busy parents. Our popular Holiday Gift Giving Guide highlights top-notch educational toys and books. Discover how to choose the perfect gifts using these helpful guidelines. Your children will simply love these entertaining gifts. **

Make you sure to check out our wonderful selection of Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa Books for children. There is something for everyone! These holiday books bring meaning to your celebrations & joy to the season. Your family will appreciate reading these delightful treasures for years to come.

**All children’s books and toys have been carefully selected for their educational value, quality, and non-violent & positive themes.

See the Little Ones Holiday Special Feature.


For more holiday information, please see:

Little Ones "Twelve Weeks Before Christmas"  Holiday Toy Series: This holiday series is designed to help parents and grandparents make smart choices by featuring outstanding/award winning "toys that teach," accompanied by reviews which highlight and explain the educational benefits and specific skills children receive from these types of toys.



Little Ones "Top 25"

Award Winning/Outstanding Toy Picks

Top 25 Award Winning/Outstanding Toy Picks

Visit for our year-round selection of  Great/Award Winning Children’s Books,  Recommended Toys & Gifts, and Educational DVDs along with teacher tips, parenting articles, birthday party fun and much more!

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