Children’s Earth Day DVD: Schoolhouse Rock Earth

Schoolhouse Rock: Earth

Perfect for Earth Day! The Schoolhouse Rock we all know and love is going GREEN! Schoolhouse Rock Earth features all new songs and characters ready once again to educate & entertain. Children learn the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) through these catchy tunes. Songs are based on relevant topics such as water conservation, recycling, solar/wind power, protecting the rain forest and more.

Little Ones applauds Schoolhouse Rock’s efforts to educate the next generation about the sobering environmental conditions facing our world. Teaching responsibility for our planet is one of the central themes across the globe and in our children’s school curriculums. No matter how young, children can develop respect & appreciation for nature, and assist in the efforts to save our planet.

Schoolhouse Rock: Earth motivates a new generation of learners with green ideas and life choices that can make a difference! It’s an enjoyable and educational DVD that raises environmental awareness.

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