Starting Early on Precious Personalized Crafts for Father’s Day

Father's Day is only a few short weeks away so now is the time to get ready with these affordable & award winning craft kits for children. These awesome kits allow children to create absolutely precious gifts for Dads, Grandpas, Uncles and other special family members. It couldn't be easier! Imagine Dad or Grandpa's surprise when he receives your child's personalized masterpiece. These are Father's Day gifts that will truly be cherished for a lifetime! Choose from these 3 great gift ideas.


Gift Idea #1: Give Dad the gift of your child's artwork for his office, den or any room of his choice.

Creations by You My Masterpiece – Turn Your Drawing Into A Work of Art   Multiple Awards Winner!  Professionally preserve your child's artwork for a lifetime with this awesome wall art kit.  Your child's original artwork is enlarged onto your choice of background, and can be either placed into a wooden frame (your choice of colors) or changed into a museum style poster including the artist's name, artwork name and date. Many custom options are available including purchase of additional copies. Artwork can can done by hand or done completely online using Internet Production drawing & photo tools. Your child's masterpiece will be returned in a few short weeks. Personalize your gift by creating a Father's Day drawing or any drawing your child chooses. Makes an incredible gift for any occasion! Also makes charming artwork to hang in your home, office or child's room. Ages 3+.


Gift Idea # 2: Give Dad or Grandpa his own personalized book.

IlluStory Make Your Own Story KitIlluStory: Make Your Own Storybook  Multiple Awards Winner! What a thrill to receive a personalized book written and illustrated by your child!  This amazing kit allows children to create and professionally publish their very own book! Children write and illustrate their own story on the special pages provided (or completely online using the Storymaker instructions.) Choose any topic you'd like for Father's Day, for example "10 Reasons Why My Dad is the Greatest!" Include a personalized book dedication to your special someone. After you are done, drafts are mailed in prepaid envelope (included) and in a few short weeks, you will receive a color-copied, professionally hard bound book! Books can include About the Author, special dedication and title pages.This set includes 18 book pages, 2 cover pages, 10 washable markers, story web planner, instructions and order form. Extra copies can be ordered for additional family members. A truly unique gift that is perfect for special occasions or anytime! Ages 5-10+.



Gift Idea # 3: Treat Dad to a special breakfast on his very own handcrafted plate.

Make A Plate  Award Winner! This fantastic craft kit allows children to draw their very own plate design, mail their artwork away, and in a short period of time, receive a usable, dishwasher safe, break-resistant 10 inch melamine plate featuring their artwork! Be creative and include a special Happy Father's Day message along with your child's name & the date. An absolutely wonderful way to preserve children's drawings. Give this keepsake away to special family members or keep one for yourselves! Makes a great gift for any special occasion! Attach a plate hanger for easy wall mounting. This set includes 5 drawing sheets, markers, instructions, order form and one pre-paid certificate for processing one plate. Ages 4-10+.


You simply can't go wrong with these easy to use craft kits. So order them today and get ready to make the most amazing gifts for Father's Day! Your children will have a great time creating truly unique gifts that will be treasured for many years to come!


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