Free (Or Nearly Free) Summer Movies For Kids

Beat the heat with some cool summer fun at your local movie theater. These free (or nearly free) children's summer movie programs are a great way to entertain your kids without spending a fortune. Participating theaters show select children's G or PG movies during the summer months on designated weekday mornings for free (or in some cases for a $1 donation or more.) You simply need to search for participating theater locations and check the summer schedule. Tickets and seating are always on a first-come, first served basis and are limited to the theater's capacity, so it is best to arrive early. Parents and guardians may or may not be charged a small fee for admission depending upon the rules of each program.

The National Amusements Bookworm is recommended because it has been designed to encourage children to read during the summer. In order to receive free admission to the movie, children must hand in a short book summary (approximately one paragraph) at the box office. Before the movie begins, prizes are awarded to children for outstanding  book report entries. What a great incentive to read and write during the summer months! Not all summer programs require book reports for entrance to the movie, so make sure to check the details on cinema web sites.

Here are just a sampling of some of the main children's summer movie programs that are available. You may wish to search the web for additional movie programs in your area. It's definitely worth spending some time researching these awesome freebies. You just can't beat this affordable option for summer family fun & learning!

See the following links for more information regarding participating locations, movie schedules and specific program details:

National Amusements Bookworm Wednesdays (Book Summary Required)

Regal Entertainment Free Family Film Festival


Clearview Cinemas Summer Kid's Club


AMC Summer Movie Camp ($1.00 Admission)


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