The Little Ones Summer Reading Series Week #3: Awesome School-Curriculum Based Books for Kids

Don't rule out curriculum-based children's books when selecting great reading materials for your child. These awesome books and series have the added benefit of giving children the background knowledge they need for academic success. The following series have been written with the school curriculum in mind. These books cover specific subjects that will be studied in the classroom. The amazing part is that they introduce important facts and terminology in way that is exciting and memorable. The non-fiction selections expertly weave useful information into the fabric of each story. Kids hardly realize that they are learning about actual historic events or scientific content! The highlighted fiction series are also top-notch, kid-approved books chock full of interesting info. Expand your child's reading repertoire with these fantastic books!

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The Little Ones Summer Reading Series. Starting in July, each week Little Ones reviews and highlights popular children's books that are perfect for summer reading, summer book reports and year round enjoyment. Book choices are for children of all ages and abilities, so there's something for everyone!  Featured books are teacher recommended and kid approved! Don't miss this valuable summer resource!  Visit the The Little Ones Summer Reading Series at or Subscribe Now to automatically receive this weekly series:


For additional reading suggestions:

Amazon's Summer Reading Store for Kids. Check out this superb selection of summer reading at Amazon's Summer Reading for Kids & Teens. This impressive summer feature recommends quality children's, tweens & teen books according to age group, popular book series, boxed sets, books from movies, required summer reading, books reports books, classics, as well as picture books, craft books and activity books for summertime fun. A great place to find the perfect books for your children.

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