Homework Help Series: Homework Buddies

It is very frustrating when children return home from school, begin working on their homework and realize that they are missing important assignment information such as directions, page numbers, due dates etc. Now what do you do? It looks like it's time to call a "lifeline" or in this case, a homework buddy. Homework buddies are responsible classmates you can call upon to clarify assignments or answer questions. It is a good idea to have the phone numbers of at least one or two students in your child's class.  Homework buddies can be chosen by your child or your child's teacher, and their phone numbers can be listed right inside your child's homework planner. Homework buddies are especially useful in the upper grades when students begin to switch classes and have multiple teachers with more complex assignments and numerous assignment due dates. Encourage your child to exchange phone numbers with a friend the first few days of class, if possible. Don't wait for a problem to arise before you get the information you'll need to contact a classmate.

Homework buddies have other important roles as well. Buddies can double check the accuracy of the information that your child records in his or her planner before leaving school. Likewise, buddies can work together at the end of the day when packing up in the classroom or at hall lockers by double checking that the proper books are being brought home. This technique works well with younger students who are in the same homeroom class and have identical homework assignments. Older children can enlist the help of a nearby locker buddy.  When packing up books from their lockers, kids can cross check with their nearest locker neighbors to eliminate forgotten books or supplies.

Having a homework buddy in your child's homeroom class  (or for older children in each subject area ) can be a real life saver! After all, two heads are better than one!

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