Homework Help Series: Striving For Excellence in Your Child’s Work

Exactly what are teachers looking for in student assignments? Whether it be daily homework assignments, research or book reports, projects or oral presentations, teachers evaluate student work according to standard criteria or rubrics. Many students experience difficulty meeting project expectations because they have not taken the time to carefully review assignment requirements before beginning their work.

Here are a few of the most common teacher expectations and goals for student work. Although it may be challenging for your child to fulfill each and every goal listed, it is helpful to encourage your child to be aware of this criteria and strive for more successful assignment completion.

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1 comment to Homework Help Series: Striving For Excellence in Your Child’s Work

  • The teachers goal in giving assignments must be to make sure that the student understands the concept. It does not matter how much work you give them . What matters the most is whether they understand the concepts or not . Am I right ?

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