Children’s Valentine’s Day TV Specials 2014

Enjoy watching children's Valentine's Day TV specials starting on Monday, February 10th on PBS Kids. PBS will be airing a variety of Valentine's Day episodes starring all of your child's favorite PBS characters. Tune in during your regularly scheduled PBS times to view these heart-warming episodes all week long. In addition, don't miss the Peanuts' double-header of Be My Valentine Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Valentine airing back to back on Friday, February 14th on ABC from 8pm-9pm, Eastern/Pacific times. Mark it down on your family calendar so you can enjoy this special event with your kids.

While watching the Peanuts special together is lots of fun, don't just let the TV be your entertainment. You can spend some time with your kids while promoting reading skills by sharing Valentine's books together, or playing a family board game. Making Valentine's crafts, decorating cards and baking Valentine's treats are also great bonding activities. Since Valentine's Day falls on a Friday, it is a perfect opportunity to say I LOVE YOU by simply enjoying time together. You are sure to find that Valentine's chocolates simply can't compare with the sweetness of being together. 

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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