Educational Dvds & Cds for Babies

As babies grow and develop, they begin to respond to stimuli such as lively music and colorful, friendly images. Introducing educational dvds and cds into your baby’s repertoire, along with reading to your baby, can help to develop an understanding of basic concepts and vocabulary. Exposing your baby to well-chosen educational dvds and cds can provide valuable learning experiences.

Many baby dvds are designed to entertain baby using basic concepts such as colors, shapes, animals, ABCs, numbers and more. When viewing dvds along with your baby, think about ways to enrich the learning experience. Become active participants in the learning process by modeling behaviors such as singing, clapping and dancing along to the music. In addition, as babies become familiar with the concepts in their dvd, reinforce the learning by pointing out real-life examples whenever possible.

When using educational dvds, remember the key is limiting baby’s viewing time. While educational dvds are beneficial, they should not be used for long periods of time nor become a substitute for supervision of your baby,  It is the parents’ choice and responsibility to determine exactly when it would appropriate to begin using dvds, and to set limits regarding viewing. When used properly, dvds can be an enjoyable and effective educational tool. 

Likewise, listening to lively children’s cds can be a stimulating experience for babies. Whether in the car, during playtime or anytime, these educational cds can be a source of entertainment and exposure to basic concepts or fictional characters. Enjoy the music with your little one by singing, clapping and dancing along. Music introduces rhyme and rhythm into your baby’s repertoire, and is an important part of learning.

Recommended Baby Dvds & Cds


Baby Einstein - Baby Van Gogh - World of ColorsBaby Einstein: Baby Van Gogh, World of Color (dvd)

Baby Einstein - Numbers Nursery Baby Einstein – Numbers Nursery (dvd)

Baby Einstein - Discovering ShapesBaby Einstein – Discovering Shapes (dvd)

Baby Einstein - Baby Monet - Discovering the SeasonsBaby Einstein – Baby Monet – Discovering the Seasons (dvd)

Baby Einstein - Baby MacDonald - A Day on the FarmBaby Einstein – Baby MacDonald – A Day on the Farm (dvd)

Baby Einstein - Neighborhood AnimalsBaby Einstein – Neighborhood Animals (dvd)

The Singable Songs Collection (cd) , Raffi **Children’s Favorite Musical Artist**

Baby Beluga (cd), Raffi  **Children’s Favorite Musical Artist**

Classic Disney (cd), Vol. 1: 60 Years of Musical Magic

Classic Disney,(cd) Vol. 2: 60 Years of Musical Magic

Classic Disney, (cd) Vol. 3: 60 Years of Musical Magic 

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