Money Saving Tips for New Parents

New parents are constantly searching to find ways to save money on the products their baby uses on a daily basis. Whether it’s feeding, diapering, clothing your infant or making big purchases such as baby equipment, expenses can be numerous and significant. The biggest challenge comes for parents of multiples with double or even triple the costs!  It is therefore important to make the most of your purchases by shopping wisely and taking advantage of special promotions and discounts. Luckily, there are many simple ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality or safety. The following cost savings suggestions can help you save a bundle on purchases for your little bundle of joy!!!!


Special Promotions, Coupons & Sales

Baby Company Websites: Check out company websites of the products your baby uses most frequently. You’ll find that they are not only informative, but have features such as  new parent clubs where you can receive coupons, special promotions, and e-mail updates. Some websites have printable coupons available without having to join or be on a mailing list.

Sunday Newspaper Circular: Become an avid coupon clipper! Clip coupons from the Sunday circular for the baby items you use. Enlist the help of your family and friends and receive double or even triple the amount of coupons.  E-mail your family and friends a list of products you use and ask them to please clip and save (or mail in batches) the coupons to you. New grandparents especially love to help out in this way and can be of assistance even if they live far away!

Use Coupons Wisely: Use valuable coupons on items that are already on sale in order to make the most of your purchases. Search around for stores which double coupons or allow nesting of coupons.

Buy Store Brands. Many first time parents choose only name brand items for their baby. With some experimentation, you may discover store brands which work just as well and are a lot cheaper!  Consider cutting costs on disposable and frequently used items such as diapers and wipes by choosing store brands.  For example, CVS diapers & wipes, in many cases, hold up just as well as other brands. They are periodically on sale and, if you are a CVS card holder, your purchase counts toward your CVS extra bucks rewards so you can even receive some money back!

Stock Up: Check weekly store fliers and stock up on sale items! Products like diapers and wipes don’t expire so if it’s a great price, buy as many as possible if you have the room.  Break up large diaper boxes into smaller individual packages that are easier to put away. Be creative and you’ll discover numerous places in your home to hide away baby supplies!

Shop Wholesale: Join a wholesale club in your area so you can buy baby products in bulk and save. Make sure that the club you choose carries the products you use on a regular basis. Calculate the cost of the annual membership vs. your anticipated savings. This strategy may also help you decrease the amount of trips you make to the grocery store.


Baby Clothing

Hand-me Down Clothing. It is tempting to purchase brand new outfits for your new arrival, however, once you witness how quickly infants outgrow clothing, you may start to change your mind. Be smart and accept all offers of hand-me down clothing from family and friends. This can be a huge money saver!!!  Other parents are usually looking to clean out their closets. so make it known that you’d be a willing recipient. Since babies grow so quickly, you’ll find that the infant "hand-me downs" you receive may have been worn only once or twice before!

Visit Consignment Shops: Consignment shops are a great place to purchase quality used baby clothing (and equipment) at a fraction of its original cost. Most of the merchandise found in consignment shops has met the strict approval of the shop owner, so the quality is usually very good. Likewise, consider bringing your baby’s gently used items to a consignment shop in order to receive money back when they are sold.

Shop Clearance Ranks: Breeze through the clearance rack for larger size baby outfits.   If you think you can approximate your baby’s size next season, it might be worth the gamble to purchase a few discounted items, especially if the price is right.

Choose Practical Baby Clothes: Dressing your baby in designer clothes from head to toe may be that extra special touch for a fancy occasion, but attempting to do so on an everyday basis can turn out to be extremely costly and somewhat impractical. Keep in mind that babies are notorious for spitting up, leaking on and instantly growing out of these precious, but expensive little outfits. If you wish to make the most of your baby clothes purchases opt for more reasonably priced basics for everyday wear and tear, especially during baby’s first few months when he or she may grow extremely rapidly and have frequent feedings and diaper mishaps.


Baby Equipment

Consider Used Equipment: Baby equipment is usually very pricey, so consider accepting or purchasing some types of used equipment. Check with family, friends, consignment shops and even garage sales. Please note however, that it is not recommended to use previously owned or older safety items such as car seats, cribs and similiar type items. You may not be aware of potential manufacturer’s recalls or safety issues associated with these products. As always, safety comes before savings.

Save Equipment & Clothing: If you have storage space, save all usable clothing and equipment after you are done. Clearly label the contents of clothing storage boxes with gender, season and sizes.  If you plan to expand your family, you’re prepared. This helps save both money and valuable time. Hold onto stored items as long as possible…just in case!  If you do not use them, you can always offer them to family, friends or even a charitable organization.

Make Wise Choices: Everyone is tempted by those delicate pink girly outfits and those boyish blue baseball patterns, however, consider selecting some gender neutral items as well. Gender neutral items can be passed down again and again from sibling to sibling. Especially when it comes to big ticket items such as strollers, highchairs and car seats, try to choose patterns and colors which would be appropriate for both boys and girls. Decorate baby’s room simply and accesorize with pinks and blues.


Feeding Baby

Breastfeeding Benefits: Breastfeeding has numerous benefits for both you and your baby. When it comes to dollars and cents, it is definitely less expensive than buying formula. If you plan to breastfeed exclusively, your cost is minimal, however if you intend on pumping your milk, you need to factor in the cost of a quality breast pump and milk storage materials. See Little Ones Breast Pump Selections for recommendations.

Choose Powdered Formula: Powdered formula is the lowest price option when it comes to formula.  Measuring and mixing powder with sterilized water requires a little more time and effort, but the cost savings is truly worthwhile. Although other options such as ready to pour formula cans are extremely convenient, you tend to pay a premium for the convenience.


Shopping Habits

Don’t Overbuy: We all have a tendency to swoon over those absolutely adorable, baby clothes or toys. Casual shopping and browsing can lead to overbuying. Stay on target by making a habit of shopping with a list of needed items and then stick to it!  If you happen to spot something special that your baby simply "can’t do without" write it down on a wish list. Save up and buy it on sale.


Lastly, whatever suggestions you choose, enjoy your baby whatever the cost may be. They are a priceless treasure and grow up all too soon!!!


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