Board Games & Card Games For Older Children (Ages 7-Adult)

Children love playing games! Whether on family night, a playdate or a rainy day, playing games is always a great choice. Luckily, board games and card games are relatively inexpensive, so having a wide selection of games in your home is feasible, and actually helps to incorporate various ages, interests and skill levels of family members and visitors. You'll find that many of the games that younger children play rely simply on "the luck of the dice." However, as children get older, they begin to enjoy games which require some thought, creativity or speed. These types of games can be both enjoyable and educational.

The educational games recommended below promote critical thinking skills, logic and strategy development for older children. And even though these children are more "seasoned" game players, they still get to practice those basic game playing behaviors such as following the rules, taking turns, teamwork and most importantly, winning and losing graciously (a behavior that is still developing throughout much of childhood!) 

Enjoy this great selection of recommended games!

Bananagrams  Multiple-award winning, fast paced, educational word game for ages 7-adult. Addicting scrabble-like game that has requires no board and allows for numerous players.

Blokus Classics Game  Winner of over 20+ awards! Exciting brightly colored strategy game perfect for the whole family. Encourages spatial thinking & problem solving skills using simple rules. Ages 5-adult

QwirkleQwirkle Award winning wooden tiles game develops logic and strategy skills. This challenging family game has simple instructions that require players to match tile shapes and colors to earn points. Ages 8-adult.  

Loopz Game Crazy new musical game of skill & action. Players must correctly repeat the sequence of lights and music by waving their hands through the semi-circular motion sensors. Features 7 different games including solo or group play. Way cool! Ages 5-teens.


Buzzword The Lively, Addictive, and Challenging Game that Fuzzes your Memory and Buzzes your Brain! Multiple Award Winning Game! Great for family night or parties! Teams get 45 seconds to solve word clues and find the "Buzzword." Includes 400 sets of buzz word clues, score cards, timer and scoreboard. Ages 10+ Also available: Buzzword Junior

Blurt The Webster's Game of Word Racing Classic, fast-paced family & party game. Be the first to "blurt" out the correct word based on its definition. Multiple award winning game that builds vocabulary! Includes 300 cars with 1800 clues at 2 playing levels. Ages 10+

Apples to Apples Party Box – The Game of Hilarious Comparisons Multiple award winning family & party game! Players pick cards that best describe the judge's card. Humorous comparisons of people, places and things.  Includes over 1000 cards. Ages 12+. Also available Apples to Apples Junior – The Game of Crazy Comparisons!

Uno Card Game This extremely popular color coded card game is easy to learn, unpredictable and fun for the whole family! Loads of excitement for ages 7-adult, (educational tool for 4+.)

Blink Card Game Don't "blink" or you might just miss the game! Super fun, super fast card game requires players to match shapes, colors or number count on cards with lightening speed. First player to use up cards wins the game. Reasonably priced. Ages 7+.

Quiddler This short word card game is fast paced, easy to play and loads of fun. Each card is beautifully designed with letters of the alphabet. Gain points by arranging your entire hand into small words using 2 or more cards per word. Award winning family game for ages 8+.

Monopoly THE classic, extremely popular board game you enjoyed as a child. Buy properties, build houses & hotels all with the roll of the dice. Ages 8+ Also available: Monopoly Junior Edition

Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition  Totally modernized and updated version of the classic Monopoly game. Use an electronic banking unit instead of cash to make transactions and purchase extremely high value properties. Ages 8+

Clue An exciting game of strategy and deductive reasoning as players meet the suspects,find the clues and try to be the first to solve the murder-mystery. Ages 9+ Also available CLUE JR. Game

Boggle Fast paced, educational word search game in which players shake lettered cubes and try to gain the best score by creating words with the highest point values. Ages 8+ Also available:Boggle Jr. Game

Stratego Exciting game of battlefield strategy and unexpected events as players lead armies, attack opponents and try to capture the enemy's flag. Ages 8+.

Scrabble Crossword Game An old favorite! Score points as you build crosswords from lettered tiles. Educational family fun. Ages 8+ Also available Scrabble: Junior Edition

Milton Bradley Pictionary Board Game Race against the clock with this quick draw party game. Players draw simple sketches as teammates try to guess their secret word. Ages 12+ Also available:Pictionary Jr

Taboo Challenging game in which players give creative clues to get teammates to shout out a secret work. Be careful to avoid any restricted or "taboo" words in your clues. Includes 504 word cards. Also available: Taboo Junior

Connect Four  Tic-Tac-Toe..FOUR in a row! This vertical strategy game requires players to get 4 checkers in a row-horizontally, vertically or diagonally while blocking their opponent. Ages 7-10.

ALLOWANCE GAME Teach children the value of money with this enjoyable and educational board game. Players earn money by completing chores and collecting allowance. Players can then spend money and/or save money. Learn basic money skills along the way. 

Jenga Loads of thrills and excitement with this delicate stacking game. Remove wooden blocks one by one without letting the tower fall. Great family fun for everyone. Ages 6+.

.Battleship The ultimate naval warfare strategy game. Sink all 5 of your opponent's ships before yours are found. Teaches coordinates, using grids and critical thinking skills. Ages 7+.

Great States Race the clock and learn about the USA by answering over 400 questions using "facts, figures, find and fun " cards. Ages 7+. Also available: Great States Junior

Classic Wood Chess Set Folding, basic wooden chess set great for beginners. Teaches logic and strategy skills. Ages 8+

Checkers & Checkerboard ( Hardboard ) Basic and reasonably priced introductory checkers set. Simple rules make it a great choice for children.

Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Chinese Checkers Game Board Quality, solid wood, hand painted Chinese Checkers set. Loads of family fun! Convenient attached pouch for marble storage. Ages 6+.

Cardinal Industries Double Fifteen Color Dot Dominoes in a Collectors Tin  Jumbo size, brightly colored dot dominoes come in a durable storage tin. Promotes math, matching and critical thinking skills.


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