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If you have a budding scientist in your midst, these prepackaged Science kits are just what you're looking for. Well-chosen Science kits provide an opportunity for children to explore and discover new principles by using a hands-on approach. Children learn basic scientific method techniques such as making a "hypothesis" or prediction about what will happen; following procedures; making observations; experimenting with the variables or conditions in their project and drawing conclusions. These kits provide hours of valuable educational experiences, and more importantly, children are having fun along the way.

(There are numerous areas of interest to choose from, but keep in mind that Science kits must be age appropriate. In addition, to insure your child's safety, make sure that the proper guidance and supervision is provided.)

Snap Circuits Electronics Kit Multiple award winning electronics kit makes building simple circuits and devices fun & easy. Over 60 snap on parts can create 300+ exciting projects with lights, sounds, motors and more. Hours of experimentation for ages 8-14. Also available Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100

Live Butterfly Garden Experience the magnificent metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly up close in your very own home. This Butterfly Garden is a reusable, collapsible habitat where children can observe 3 weeks worth of nature's "magical" changes which transform butterfly larvae into Painted Lady Butterflies. Simply mail in the enclosed voucher for 5 prepaid butterfly larvae along with special butterfly food. Kit includes clear and complete instructions, and a booklet of butterfly facts. Children will be amazed by this awesome and educational experience. Ages 4-14.

Magic Garden by Schylling This reasonably priced magical garden grows when watered with magical liquid. Watch it blossom within 3 hours and mature to full grown at 10 hours. Its delicate and fragile beauty lasts for a only temporary period of time, but is truly worth watching. A  fun activity for children ages 8+ (with adult assistance for assembly.)

Scientific Explorer's Ul timate Crystal Growing Science Kit Super Science kit for curious kids! Learn all about crystals while experimenting with 15 different crystal growing activities. This crystal growing kit produces fast and impressive results within 2-3 days. Grow glowing geodes, giant crystals and even a crystal garden. Ages 9-12.

Volcano Making Kit Kids are intrigued by volcanoes! This reasonably priced, make your own reusable volcano kit is sure to  be a crowd pleaser. Includes fast drying plaster with stir stick, volcano mold, paint and paint brush. Cool eruptions will bubble and fizz when baking soda and vinegar are added (not included.) Ages 7-11.

ScienceWiz Electricity Experiment Kit (series) Multiple Award Winner! Phenomenal Science Experiment Kit Series! Classic and fun first introduction to electricity. Discover how and why electricity works with these 18 interesting experiments accompanied by step by step visual instructions in a 40 page kid friendly Science manual. Includes materials for "make a loop; motor mania; batteries & buzzers; make a switch; send messages; and test conductivity" experiments. Spark the interest of your 5-10 year olds with this affordable and "enlightening" science kit. Check out additional titles in the ScienceWiz award winning series!

ScienceWiz Magnetism Experiment Kit (series) Another outstanding science kit from the award winning ScienceWiz series! This multiple award winning magnetism kit explores the properties of magnets and electromagnets in a fun and exciting way with its 22 entertaining experiments. Each experiment is thoroughly explained in the accompanying step by step visual 40 page instruction booklet. Includes a set of ceramic magnets for experiments such as "iron detector; go fishing; levitate metal rings; swimming ducks; play with poles; make a compass; build an electromagnet and more!" Fantastic gift for curious kids ages 5-10. Check out additional titles in the ScienceWiz award winning series!

Fascinations Antworks Illuminated Absolutely fascinating and care free illuminated ant farm! An awesome study of animal life as children watch ants create tunnels in their nutritious blue translucent illuminated gel. An easy to care for pet that requires no food (blue gel is their food) no water and no maintenance! Observe ants easily in their translucent gel with the included magnifying glass and extreme zoom lens. Night light feature gives off a beautiful soft blue glow. Also includes a detailed instruction book with interesting facts about ants. A wonderful learning experience for children ages 8+

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