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Keep children moving all year round with these exciting indoor and outdoor toys that encourage physical activity. Studies indicate that children need to get up and move around more frequently! They certainly will be "motivated to move" with these awesome products, sure to become instant favorites in your home. In addition to having fun, the secret benefits are that these types of toys promote gross motor (large muscle) development, coordination, concentration, cooperative team efforts and best of all, help children release all of that bottled up energy!

Cosmic Catch – Talking BallChallenging and incredibly fun game of catch! Talking ball calls the shots as players quickly pass the ball in a choice of 4 tricky games. Includes 1 durable electronic ball and 6 hand tags. Awesome party and family game, Ages 7-adult.

Nerf Cosmic Keep Away Electronic game of keep away is 3 different games in one. Talking ball gives commands as players try to keep the ball from being intercepted by their opponents. Loads of active fun for ages 7+.

Wild Planet Hyper Dash Get kids movin' with this outrageously fun, award winning game of speed and skill.  Electronic tagger calls out the instructions. Race around to tag targets as fast as you can based on colors, numbers, tagging patterns, simple addition/subtraction problems and memory tasks. It's tricky! 4 different game modes allow for solo, pair or team play. Great for coordination.A big hit with kids and adults! Ages 7+

Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Kit: Multiple awards winner! Incredibly awesome, reasonably priced air-powered rocket kit for ages 3-8. Stomp on blast pad to launch glow in the dark, foam rockets up to 100 feet. No batteries required…just "stomp power." Includes four 9"inch yellow foam rockets. Additional foam rockets available for purchase. Kids absolutely love stomping and watching rockets soar!

Ultra Stomp Rocket: Multiple awards winner! Unbelievably fun, reasonably priced air-powered rocket kit for ages 8+. Stomp on blast pad to launch foam rockets 200+ feet. No batteries required…just "stomp power." Includes refill rockets. Additional foam rockets available for purchase. Awesome toy!

Air Hogs Quick Charge E-Chargers Planes Reasonably priced Air Hogs plane flies over 100 yards! Included a portable charger which allows the plane to charge in only 10 seconds! Non-stop action and fun for aviation fans.

Stiga NHL Stanley Cup Hockey Table Game Durable and high quality table hockey game with official NHL colors and logos. Easy to move 3D players with plexi-shield protectors. A true classic!

Dart Set: Safety Target Dart Board 14" with Velcro Play darts safely and easily with these 4 velcro covered balls and durable dart board. Perfect for ages 5 and up.

Toss Across Play an active game of tic tac toe with the classic Toss Across game. Place Toss Across on the floor and toss included bean bags to reveal X and O symbols until players score 3 in a row. Ages 6+.

Hot Wheels Super Slammers Triple Threat Blaster Launcher Fly three cool planes at the same time with this air-powered launch pad. Slam the launch pad (no batteries required) and watch planes soar. Lots of fun for ages 5+.

 Pacific Play Tents See Me 6' Tunnel A smash hit!!!! This indoor 6 foot tunnel is non-stop entertainment for ages 3 and up. Made of durable 70 denier nylon and spring steel construction with padding to protect little knees. Contains two mesh windows to peek through. Best of all it collapses flat for easy storage. A great toy for energetic little ones and an outstanding value. Ages 3+.

Pacific Play Tents Playchute 10' ParachuteBright, rainbow colored 10 foot diameter play parachute promotes cooperative group play. Great for parties! Durable and machine washable with separate hand handles for easy control. Comes with convenient storage bag. Loads of active fun!

Playhut Fire Engine Lightweight and portable Pop Up Fire Engine will keep kids entertained for hours. Room enough for two children with 2 sunroofs, side windows, inflatable steering wheel, roll up flap door and tunnel port. Folds flat for convenient storage. Ages 3+.

Crocodiel Creek Solar System Playground Ball 5 Inch  ***See Little Ones review of Crocodile Creek products*** Fun and educational 7 inch playground ball features the solar system. Vivid planets and planet names cover the surface of this playground ball made of safe and natural materials. Other designs available. All ages.

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