Toy Reviews: Think Fun- Awesome Brain Teasers, Games & Puzzles for Kids

The ThinkFun Company is the name to look for when selecting challenging puzzles, brain teasers and educational games. As their company name suggests, you add "thinking" and "fun" to come up with outstanding and highly recommended products which are both educational and entertaining! The added bonus is that these puzzles, memory games and brain teasers are a fun way to sharpen children's problem solving skills. Learning how to concentrate, analyze and retain information is an important lifelong skill, and what easier and more enjoyable way to practice than through play. So have fun thinking with Think Fun puzzles and games! These unique and stimulating products will enrich your game collection and mind.

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Here's just a small sample of the many Think Fun products available…

ThinkFun Fifteen Puzzle Extremely popular puzzle! A true classic. Polished metal and enamel version of this favorite game. Scramble 15 number tiles and slide them back into numerical order. Includes leatherette travel case and instruction booklet with solutions. Sure to please. Ages 8+.

ThinkFun Rush Hour Traffic grid lock brain teaser. Players maneuver 16 cars and trucks across grid board in order to get their red car out of grid lock. 4 levels of play with 40 challenge cards including solutions. Ages 8+. Also available in Junior version.

ThinkFun Hoppers This game will keep you hopping! Peg solitaire in which players hop frogs over eachother until only the red frog is left. 4 levels of play with 40 challenge cards including solutions. Storage drawer keeps pieces together. Develops critical thinking/problem solving skills. Ages 8+.

ThinkFun Serpentiles Create a continuous unbroken path with 19 winding tiles while alternating colors. Includes 40 challenge cards with solutions on back and a handy storage bag. Super problem solving and spatial visualization activity. Ages 8+.

ThinkFun Block By Block Extremely challenging and fun puzzle develops architectural and spatial relations skills. Use 7 brick pieces to create 3D structures as shown on 60 challenge cards. Create over 60 structures. Includes hints, solutions and convenient storage bag. Ages 10+



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