Princess Theme Party


Print out invitations using a program such as Greeting Card Factory which includes numerous graphics and fonts. Obtain images of Disney Princesses from your computer or general images of princesses, crowns, jewels, or castles. Select a font that resembles calligraphy to make the invitations look more authentic. You might even wish to create invitations that are rolled up and tied with ribbon to look like royal scrolls.


Party stores carry numerous decorations and tableware with the Disney Princess designs, but you may also wish to make your own decorations by printing out Disney Princess photos from your computer, You can also decorate your party room with pink steamers and balloons or with anything that would create the appearance of a fancy ballroom.

Party Games & Activities:

Create a Crown:  Purchase inexpensive foam crowns at a party or arts & crafts store. Label them across the front with each child’s name in gold or silver permanent marker (ie: Princess Mary.) Have the children glue on colorful sequins to decorate. You can also cut out your own crowns using a stencil and sturdy poster paper. Children can simply color crowns or decorate with Princess stickers as well.

Make a Princess Bracelet: Have children string bracelets using pink, purple or shiny beads. Make sure that the bead size and elastic is easy to work with and an appropriate size for their age level. Larger beads with bigger holes work best for younger children. Tie a knot to finsih off bracelet.

Decorate a Treasure Box: Purchase inexpensive cardboard or wooden boxes from an arts & crafts store. Label each box with the child’s name. Have children decorate the box using paints, markers, glitter, sequins or rhinestone gems.

Dress Up: All princesses love to get dressed before the ball! If possible, have plenty of dress up clothing in different sizes available for children to choose from. Make sure there are plenty of options. You can use costume jewelry, handbags, fancy shoes, skirts or dresses as long as the clothing does not present a tripping hazard.

Group Photo: Take a group photo of all of your fancy princesses. You can include this group photo in your thank you card or hand it out at the end of the party as a souvenir from the ball.

Attending the Ball: After the children have dressed up, invite them to the “Ball.” Play the following games before the clock strikes midnight!

Musical  Thrones: Play the game of musical chairs using an upbeat Disney Princess song and encourage children to walk around the chairs in an elegant princess-like manner.

Royal Potato Play hot potato while passing around an object of your choice.  The royal potato can be a princess doll, a piece of jewelry or to spice things up, use a slippery squishy. When the music stops, the child holiding the object is out. Repeat until you have a winner.

Princess Freeze Dance: Have the children dance at the ball (and release all that excess energy!) When the music stops suddenly, the children must freeze in whatever position they are in. Have fun and try to make it tricky!

Princess Treasure Hunt: Hide clues and treasure around the house ahead of time. Break children into teams or keep them in one group if manageable. Using only one group simplifies the treasure hunt considerably! If using teams, each team should have a name and a color assigned to them. For example, Team Ariel will be red.  Each station will have sealed envelopes labeled with the name and color of each team. Children can only open up their assigned team envelope which will give them a clue where to go next. Start teams in different locations to make the game safer and more challenging. Emphasize the rule of NO RUNNING. Safety always comes first.  Be creative and tailor your clues to fit the age of your children, the amount of children you have and the logistics of your home, Some sample clues include:

Snow White gets the food to make dinner for the dwarfs where this clue is hidden.  (Hide envelope in refrigerator)

Jasmin hid her clue under the corner of a magic carpet. (Hide envelope under throw rug)

Ariel is homesick for the sea, so she hid her clue by a place where fish can swim.   (Hide envelope near fish tank)

Sleeping Beauty wanted to rest so she placed her clue behind a pillow. (Hide envelope near fish tank)

The treasure is hidden where Cinderella parks her royal carriage. (Hide a treasure box filled with goody bag treats in the garage)


Play music in the background while the children arrive and during party activites. Choose any songs which are sung by the Disney Princesses or are a part of their movies. Children can have fun guessing which princess is singing or the title of the movie.

Try the Classic Disney CDs for a wonderful selection of Disney music throughout the years.


Goodie Bag:

Fill the children’s decorated treasure boxes with the yummy treats found in the Princess Treasure Hunt.  Some ideas for goodie bag stuffers include: ring pops, gold chocolate coins, candy bracelets, princess fruit snacks or anything you else a princess would eat!

Party Duration: Approximately 2 hours

SAFETY FIRST:  As with all children’s parties, safety comes first! Careful supervision of children is crucial.  While Little Ones recommends these party ideas and products, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to make them age appropriate, provide safety precautions and adult supervision. Use these suggestions and ideas at your own risk.

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