Space Alien Theme Party

Print out invitations using a program such as Greeting Card Factory which includes numerous graphics and fonts. Decorate your invitation cover with images of aliens, flying saucers, planets and stars. Just for fun, select a font that resembles “alien language.” Try fonts that use only symbols, not letters, so that your text looks like an unknown language. Print the earth translation underneath the “alien language” to complete your invitations. Use a clever slogan such as “Come to a party that is going to be….out of this world!”

Decorations: . Decorate your party room with signs that are written in “alien language.”  Create your own “alien language” by assigning a unique character for each letter of the alphabet.  Have a master decoder key which shows whatever design will be used for each letter. Print out pictures of planets and stars from your computer and decorate the walls and ceilings, Make the party room festive with neon “alien” green streamers, balloons and tablecloths. 

Party Games & Activities:

Build an Alien:  Purchase clay that hardens such as Crayola Model Magic Bucket: Assorted Colors (2 lb.) or other brands which air dry. Have children design and mold an alien with their clay. Provide craft accessories such as mini “googly” eyes, pipe cleaners antennas etc. for added detail. Let aliens dry and have children take them home at the end of the party.

Alien Mad LIbs:  While you are waiting for guests to arrive or are waiting for children to finish their projects, have fun with Mad Libs from Outer Space. Have children work in pairs or groups in order to make up hilarious space stories. Share the stories with the crowd when they are done.

Design & Toss Flying Saucers: Purchase inexpensive flexible frisbees at a craft store or party supply store. Have children decorate the frisbees using permanent markers. Be careful to cover clothing and furniture!  Give them a copy of your master decoder key for “alien language” so they can write secret messages on their flying saucers. Get a large hula hoop and hold it up in the air. One at a time, have children try to fly (throw) their flying saucers through the “black hole.”

Alien Language Decoding Race:  Break children up into small teams of 2-3 people. Give each team a copy of your master decoder key for your “alien language” and a pencil. Pass out a series of alien messages for the children to decode as fast as they can. Each message should be written in your invented "alien language." Messages can be words such as: planet, martian, milky way, galaxy, invasion, mother ship, orbit, universe, earth, moon, gravity etc. You can also have children decode longer messages such: “We come in peace.” The first team to decode each message wins the round.
Alien Arcade:
You may wish to include a short segment of video games toward the end of your party. Children can take turns playing games such as Space Invaders, Galaga, Tie-Fighter, X-Wing, Galaxian, Lego Star Wars etc.

Alien Story:
Older children may enjoy a made-up alien invasion story. Play Space Odyssey movie soundtrack and lower the lights. Children MUST close their eyes while you tell a story and pass around objects for them to touch.
The story should be about the landing of an alien species on Earth. In the end, the aliens do not take over Earth because they melt away. Be creative!

Ideas include:

The cold and slimy hearts of the aliens…pass around an ice cube.
The alien’s heartbeat…play recorded heartbeat sound or beat a drum.
The windy alien planet… Turn on fans or fan children with cardboard
Blast off…loud noise
Stench of the aliens….open jar of something smelly like cheese
Alien’s tentacles…plastic tablecloth strips
Alien’s grippers…pine cones
Lightening & Thunder…flash lights and rumble
Rain storm…Gently spray children with water spray bottle
(Water makes aliens melt.!!!…)
Gooey remains of aliens…silly putty

Let children have fun decorating “alien cupcakes.” Provide goodies such as neon green icing and mini candy toppings.

Play music in the background while the children arrive and during party activities. Download space theme music such as:

Space-Taculars: John Williams(CD with all the space theme classics)

Star Trek Theme Song
Star Wars Themes
Space Odyssey
Theme from E.T.

Close Encounters

Goodie Bag:
Fill the children’s goodie bags with space theme items.  Some ideas for goodie bag stuffers include: Milky Way bars, Mars bars, Pop Rocks etc.

Party Duration: Approximately 2 hours

SAFETY FIRST:  As with all children’s parties, safety comes first! Careful supervision of children is crucial.  While Little Ones recommends these party ideas and products, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to make them age appropriate, provide safety precautions and adult supervision. Use these suggestions and ideas at your own risk.


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