Sports Theme Party


Print out invitations using a program such as Greeting Card Factory which includes numerous graphics and fonts.  Be creative! Include graphics of basketballs, soccerballs, baseballs or any sport related objects. Ask children to come to the party wearing their favorite sport or team shirt. (ie: Yankees, Rangers, Little League Shirt)


Cut large triangles from construction paper and attach them to string to form a garland of penants (like you see at a grand opening.) Hang around the border of your party room.  Display sports posters, souvenirs or cut outs of sports balls on the walls of your party room. Choose paper goods with a sports theme if possible.

Party Games & Activities:

Make your own Sports Pennant:

Purchase blank foam pennants from an arts and crafts store. You may wish to purchase foam lettering and foam sports shapes (basketballs, soccerballs etc..) Many foam pieces come with a peel off back so that they will stick directly onto your penant without the use of glue….much easier!!!! Have children decorate their pennants with foam pieces and markers. Suggestions include the name of their favorite team or their own name. Pennants can be taken home to be displayed in their room.

Indoor Sports Games:

Depending on the size and logistics of your home you may wish to play some simple organzied sports games. Some ideas include:

Putting contest

Hot Potato (using soft sports balls)

Balloon volley (keep the balloon from hitting the ground)

Bowling (using empty soda bottles)

Tabletop football (small triangular shaped paper football game)

Outdoor Sports Games:  

If the weather permits, take the party outside for some fun & games. Prepare some indoor games as well just in case the weather changes. A sports party works well outdoors, so you will have many more ideas to choose from.

Basketball (HORSE/Go around the World game or teams, dribbling/shooting contests)

Football (game or throwing footballs through hula-hoops)

Relay Races



etc, etc….

Indoor Ping Pong Horse Racing:

Children will love this simple, but fun game. On the wall of your party room tape 3 (or more) construction paper horses at the starting line. Horse #1 should be red, #2 yellow and #3 blue. With a ruler measure ten furloughs. Place a strip of construction paper at each furlough, and one at the end to mark the finish line.

Next, break children into 3 teams (red, yellow and blue.) Place red, yellow and blue colored plastic cups in a large lid of a box  (an equal amount of each color)  Place the box lid with cups on a table. Children will be asked to stand back a few inches and bounce a ping pong ball onto the table so that it hits the tabletop, bounces and lands into one of the colored cups. Whatever color cup the ping pong ball lands in, that horse moves forward to the next furlow. (Move the taped horse to the next position on the wall. Repeat. ) Children take turns bouncing the ping pong balls into the cups until one of the 3 horses crosses the finish line.

Sports Trivia:   

Test children’s knowledge with sports trivia games or sports entries from the Guiness Book of World Records.


Download the following tunes to play in the background while the children arrive and during party activites.

We Are the Champions

Theme from “Rocky”

Theme from “Wide World of Sports”

We Will Rock You

Take Me Out to the Ballgame



Ice the top of a circular cake/ or cupcake to resemble a baseball (white icing with black icing for stitching), soccer ball (white and black icing) or any sports ball you choose.

Goodie Bag:

Small or super high bounce balls, small nerf balls, packs of baseball cards.

Birthday Child Involvement:

Have some fun researching sports trivia together ahead of time. Print out team logos for decorations. . Read a book together about a sport that interests them. Involving children in the party planning will encourage a sense of pride, ownership and excitement about the upcoming event.

SAFETY FIRST:  As with all children’s parties, safety comes first! Careful supervision of children is crucial.  While Little Ones recommends these party ideas and products, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to make them age appropriate, provide safety precautions and adult supervision. Use these suggestions and ideas at your own risk.


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