Weird Science Theme Party

Print out invitations using a program such as Greeting Card Factory which includes numerous graphics and fonts. Decorate your invitation cover with various scientific objects such as atoms, test tubes, planets etc.  Select a font that resembles computer-like print or wacky lettering.

Decorations:  Xerox pictures of optical illusions (spirals, designs, objects.) You can obtain these images from library books or online. Place the black and white images onto black construction paper so that the black border shows. Display on the walls of your party room. You can also decorate your party room with print outs from your computer of anything related to science such as atoms, planets, volcanoes etc. Make the party room festive with neon green streamers, balloons and tablecloths. 

Party Games & Activities:

**Please note: This type of party can get messy, so consider an outdoor setting if possible. If indoors, make sure to protect all clothing and furniture, and insure proper ventilation for activities that use ingredients which smell.

**Also: Test out all experiments and arts and crafts ahead of time to make sure that they work properly. Have adequate supervision available and instruct children to follow directions carefully.

Simultaneous Volcanic Eruptions:  This activity can be done as a demonstration, but is usually more fun when done individually. Create a volcano by placing an empty pint size water bottle in a disposable plastic bowl. If possible, have one volcano per child. Using a funnel, help children put 6 teaspoons of baking powder inside their volcano. Next, give each child a small cup filled with 4 ounces of white vinegar. On the count of three, have children quickly pour the vinegar into their water bottles, A chemical reaction will occur producing a lava-like eruption out of the bottles and into the bowls underneath. Really cool!!! Kids just love this!!!

**Proper ventilation is required for this activity due to the powerful smell**

Build a Hovercraft:  Collect the pull up white tops from the type of water bottles that can squirt into your mouth.  Before the party begins, use a glue gun to attach the bottle top directly over the hole of an old CD. You now have the base of a hovercraft. Have children decorate their CDs (hovercrafts) with permanent markers. Be careful to cover clothing and furniture. Make sure that the bottle tops are in a closed position (pushed down.) Blow up 9” balloons and place them over the bottle tops which are attached to the CDs. When you are ready, pull up the bottle top into the open position and place the hovercraft on a smooth tile or wooden floor. Give a slight push and watch the hovercraft glide across the room as the balloon deflates. Blow up the balloon again to repeat the process. Hold hovercraft races and have groups of children race their hovercrafts across a finish line.

Off-the-Wall Mad Libs: While you are waiting for guests to arrive or are waiting for children to finish their projects, have fun with some wacky Mad Libs. Have children work in pairs or groups in order to make up hilarious weird stories. Share the stories with the crowd when they are done.

Assemble Gliders or Paper Airplanes: Purchase inexpensive balsa wood airplanes. Assemble them, decorate them with markers and fly them outdoors. Take turns flying them through hula hoops indoors. Make and decorate some good old fashion paper airplanes, and have some fun letting them soar.  You can also use models out of the Kids’ Paper Airplane Book  which you simply fold and fly.

Plastic Balloons:  Purchase JaRu Bloonies 8 Pack tubes of plastic balloons or any other brand of plastic balloons. Squeeze out a small ball of plastic onto the end of the straw provided, blow and create a colorful plastic balloon. Use paper plates as bases for children to place balloons. Make sure that you have enough supplies so that children do not share straws!
  **Proper ventilation is required for this activity due to the powerful smell**

Mix up some “Ooblick”: Ooblick is a "Non-Newtonian" substance that is neither a liquid nor a solid. It is softer and more flexible than a putty, but harder than a gel. It is fun to mix and even more fun to play with!!!

View Ooblick recipe

Play music in the background while the children arrive and during party activities. Download theme songs and music such as:

Weird Science
Weird Al Yankovic

Goodie Bag:
Fill the children’s goodie bags with weird science type things.  Some ideas for goodie bag stuffers include: a bottle of “ooze” or “slime,” pop rock candy, super high bounce balls etc.

Party Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Thank You Notes: Have matching invitations and thank you notes. Simply print out your invitation again, but instead of “You’re Invited,” substitute “Thank You!” and leave the inside blank or type a general thank you message.

SAFETY FIRST:  As with all children’s parties, safety comes first! Careful supervision of children is crucial.  While Little Ones recommends these party ideas and products, it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to make them age appropriate, provide safety precautions and adult supervision. Use these suggestions and ideas at your own risk.


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