Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety

Halloween is on its way!!! Parents and children are busy preparing costumes, decorations, party plans and trick-or-treat goodies. In all the excitement of Halloween, it is important to remind your little trick-or-treaters of some of the following basic safety rules.

  1. Choose a safe, flame resistant costume. Masks can hinder your general and peripheral vision so opt for using makeup or face paint instead. To avoid dangerous falls, check that costumes hems are not too long and that shoe laces are tied. You want to be able to climb stairs and cross streets swiftly and carefully.


  2. Whenever possible, trick-or-treat with a grown up, older siblings or in a group. Never trick-or-treat alone.


  3. Plan out and discuss with your parents a set trick-or-treat route ahead of time so you can be located if necessary.


  4. Trick-or-treat in well-lit, populated areas. Avoid dark and lonely streets.


  5. It is best to trick-or-treat before dark. If you plan to go out after dark, carry a flashlight or attach reflective tape on your costume.


  6. Stick with residences which are lit and decorated for Halloween. Since some residences may not wish to receive trick-or-treaters for whatever reasons, it is best to respect their wishes. Remember too that most homes stop answering doorbells during the latter part of the evening so know when to quit while you're ahead.


  7. Remember safety rules such as staying on sidewalks, crossing at corners, looking both ways for cars, and staying with a grown up. Don't assume that you are visible to others especially if weather conditions are less than perfect.


  8. Avoid other trick-or-treaters who do not seem to be behaving appropriately. Damaging property is not only senseless, but is also illegal.


  9. Stick to a familiar neighborhood where you know the neighbors and they know you. If you run into any difficulties you can be assured of proper assistance.


  10. Always have a grown up check your candy before you eat it. Only wrapped candy should be considered for consumption.



Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!!!!



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