Easy Easter Crafts for Kids!

Looking for simple crafts that younger children can do? These adorable Easter crafts are easy on little fingers and on your budget too. Most of the supplies needed can be found  right in your home. Check out these basic Easter crafts that leave room for creativity and lots of fun!

Tissue Paper Easter Egg: Cut out an Easter egg shape from pastel colored construction paper. Next, cut up small tissue paper squares in a variety of pastel colors. Have children place a dot of Elmer’s glue on the egg, crumple up a tissue paper square, and push it down onto the glue. Repeat until the egg is completely covered or leave spaces in-between colored tissue.  Use glitter glue to fill in any empty spots and add some shine. Let egg dry completely.

This craft is very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. SImply hang as a decoration or string multiple tissue paper eggs together using a small hole punch and yarn to create “egg garland.” You can also make an egg shaped Easter greeting card by tracing and cutting out the egg shape on folded construction paper. Decorate the egg cover using colored tissue paper.

Milk Carton Easter Basket: An adult should cut off the top of a milk carton leaving only a square basket. Use pint, quart or half gallon cartons depending upon the size you want for your basket.  Cut a long rectangle out of heavy weight poster paper or the remainder of the milk carton. Make the rectangle into a basket handle by simply attaching each end to opposite sides of the carton with a stapler. You might also wish to use colored pipe cleaners which have been twisted together and attach them to the carton by threading them through hole-punched openings on opposite ends of the carton. Have children paint the basket or cover it with construction paper. Use Easter stickers, glitter, tissue paper or pom- poms to decorate the outside of the basket. Fill the basket with Easter grass before adding colored eggs or treats!

For a more challenging craft, consider using a plastic berry container from the supermarket as your basket. Depending upon the size of the slits, weave  construction paper or ribbon through the slits of the basket. Attach a pipe cleaner handle. Fill with Easter grass and goodies.

Paper Plate Easter Bunny: You will need two plain white paper plates.  The first plate will be used for the bunny’s face. Simply have your child decorate the face by drawing or gluing bunny eyes, a nose, a mouth and whiskers. 3-D supplies such as pom-poms for the nose, googly eyes,  pipe cleaners for whiskers or a fabric bow tie will  add that extra special touch! Next, cut out two bunny ears from the second plate and glue them to the back of the bunny face. Add a pink oval to the inside of each ear. Simple, yet adorable!

Another variation of this craft is to use a paper lunch bag (white craft bag if possible.) Stuff the bag with newspaper and either gather it or fold it over at the top. Attach bunny ears and a cotton ball tail. Decorate the bunny face using the craft supplies mentioned above.

For additional Easter suggestions:

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