Precious Personalized Crafts for Mother’s Day

Get ready for Mother’s Day with these personalized gifts guaranteed to make Mom and Grandma smile. Choose from affordable & award winning children’s craft kits or from our fun & easy homemade crafts. Your children will be able to create absolutely precious gifts for Moms, Grandmas, Aunts and other special family members. It couldn’t be easier! Imagine Mom or Grandma’s delight when she receives your child’s personalized masterpiece. These are Mother’s Day gifts that will truly be cherished for a lifetime! 


Make A Plate  Award Winner! This fantastic craft kit allows children to draw their very own plate design, mail their artwork away, and in a short period of time, receive a usable, dishwasher safe, break-resistant 10 inch melamine plate featuring their artwork! Be creative and include a special Happy Mother’s Day message along with your child’s name & the date. An absolutely wonderful way to preserve children’s drawings. Give this keepsake away to special family members or keep one for yourselves! Makes a great gift for any special occasion! This set includes 5 drawing sheets, markers, instructions, order form and one pre-paid certificate for processing one plate. Ages 4-10+.


IlluStory Make Your Own Story KitIlluStory: Make Your Own StorybookMultiple Awards Winner! What a thrill to receive a personalized book written and illustrated by your child!  This amazing kit allows children to create and professionally publish their very own book! Children write and illustrate their own story on the special pages provided (or completely online using the Storymaker instructions.) Choose any topic you’d like for Mother’s Day, for example "10 Reasons Why Grandma is the Greatest!" Include a personalized book dedication to your special someone. After you are done, drafts are mailed in prepaid envelope (included) and in a few short weeks, you will receive a color-copied, professionally hard bound book! Books can include About the Author, special dedication and title pages.This set includes 18 book pages, 2 cover pages, 10 washable markers, story web planner, instructions and order form. Extra copies can be ordered for additional family members. A truly unique gift that is perfect for special occasions or anytime! Ages 5-10+.

Creations by You My Masterpiece – Turn Your Drawing Into A Work of Art   Multiple Awards Winner!  Professionally preserve your child’s artwork for a lifetime with this awesome wall art kit.  Your child’s original artwork is enlarged onto your choice of background, and can be either placed into a wooden frame (your choice of colors) or changed into a museum style poster including the artist’s name, artwork name and date. Many custom options are available including purchase of additional copies. Artwork can can done by hand or done completely online using Internet Production drawing & photo tools. Your child’s masterpiece will be returned in a few short weeks. Personalize your gift by creating a Mother’s Day drawing or any drawing your child chooses. Makes an incredible gift for any occasion! Also makes charming artwork to hang in your home, office or child’s room. Ages 3+.


You simply can’t go wrong with these easy to use craft kits. So order them today and get ready to make the most amazing gifts for Mother’s Day!



Fabric Marker Creations: There’s no limit to what you can create with a simple white T-shirt, plain apron or canvas tote bag and some fabric markers. Personalize your gift with a Happy Mother’s Day message, names, dates or whatever you choose. The featured Crayola Fabric Markers are kid friendly, easier to manipulate and less messy than traditional fabric paints. (Remember, safety first when allowing children to use any art materials or permanent markers. Make sure there is proper adult supervision, adequate protection for furnishings and follow manufacturer’s directions completely.)

Crayola Fabric Markers

 ECOBAGS® Canvas Tote, EveryDay Shopper

ECOnscious Three Pocket Apron

Fruit of the Loom Adult Best T-Shirt – White


"Picture of Me" Frame: Why not create a homemade picture frame to display your child’s photo? Start by having an adult cut out the center of a plastic coffee can cover. Make the hole just large enough to frame your photo. This is the basic structure for a circular photo frame. You can also use sturdy gift box tops or cardboard to create rectangular, square or odd shaped frames. Once you have your photo frame structure, all you need to do is decorate!!!

  • Yarn Frames: Roll yarn into small balls which can pass easily through the inside of your frame. Loop the yarn through the photo frame and tie a knot. Have your child continue to pass the yarn ball through the hole until the yarn covers the entire picture frame surface. Tie a knot at the end. **Place a favorite photo behind the frame. Attach your photo to the frame with tape, glue or safety pins. Cover the back of the photo frame with matching felt. Finish off by attaching a simple hook or string on the back for hanging. Yarn covered photo frames look very festive especially when using multi-colored yarn.
  • Jigsaw Frames: Glue old jigsaw puzzle pieces so that they cover the surface of your photo frame (Don’t forget to leave an opening for the photo to show through.) Puzzle pieces should be layered and can extend slightly beyond frame boundaries. Paint the jigsaw pieces with your choice of colors. After the paint is completely dry, place a favorite photo behind the frame. Follow directions as indicated above.**
  • Other Frames: Use your imagination to create a unique look by gluing uncooked macaroni (elbow, stars, various shapes), colored buttons, glitter etc. onto the surface of your photo frame. You can either paint over, under or around these assorted objects. Follow directions as indicated above.**



Tissue Flower Bouquet: Sending flowers can be as easy as assembling some pipe cleaner and tissue paper flower bouquets. Cut out several circles of colored tissue paper (use a coffee can top as an outline). Stick a green pipe cleaner through the center of the first circle and fold the tip of the pipe cleaner over so that the circle is securely attached. Stick the second circle through the pipe cleaner so that it is directly underneath the first circle. Place a small drop of glue at the center of both the first and second circles. Gently pinch the base of the circles together . Repeat this procedure with several circles until you have created a full carnation type flower. Try using different tissue paper colors in order to create a variety of flowers for your bouquet.

Alex My Giant Paper Flowers Kit

Chenille Stems, 12"L, 6mm x 12", 100 CT, Assorted Colors

5 In Tissue Circles Pastel 480 Pcs


Mother’s Day Poem: Get those creative writing and thinking skills to work by creating a personalized Mother’s Day poem. For the best results, keep it short and sweet. Poems can be as simple as writing a sentence or adjective for each letter in a person’s name (ie: GRANDMA: G is for great: R is for really special, etc.) or can take the form of more traditional poetry. Place the finished poem on poster board and decorate with hearts, dried flowers or other art supplies. These labors of love can be placed in inexpensive frames so they can be displayed in a home or office.

Mother’s Day Coupon Book: Looking for a fun-filled Mother’s Day gift? Design a coupon book for your hard-working Mom. Mom can redeem these personalized coupons for a variety of services. The coupon contents are solely up to you, however some suggestions include coupons good for: one room cleanup, a no hassle homework night, walking the dog, a sleep late Saturday morning, breakfast in bed etc. Giving homemade coupons is a great way for kids to show their appreciation.



See the Little Ones Mother’s Day Special for additional suggestions and creative gift ideas for your Mother’s Day celebrations.

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