Be creative! There are many ways to decorate your home and holiday table. Add that special touch by having your child create special centerpieces, placemats, napkin rings, placecards and festive indoor/outdoor decorations.Here are just a few ideas to get you started.

Paper chains: Do you remember those long garland-like construction paper chains? Have children cut construction paper into strips approximately 2-3 in.wide and 8 in. long. Staple or glue the ends of each strip together to make a "link." Hook the links together to make a chain. This simple decoration looks great when using holiday colors such as yellows, reds and browns for Thanksgiving or reds and greens for Christmas.

Napkin rings: Simply cut empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls into napkin rings about 2 in. wide. Roll yarn into small balls which can pass easily through the inside of the napkin ring hole. Loop the yarn through the napkin ring hole and tie a knot. Have your child continue to pass the yarn ball through the ring hole until the yarn covers the entire napkin ring surface. Tie a knot at the end. These yarn covered napkin rings look very professional especially when using multi-colored yarn in holiday colors or colors which match table settings.

Placecards/placemats: Let children use their imagination to come up with personalized holiday placecards or placemats. Have them create a festive placemat by coloring a holiday scene on a piece of construction paper or adorn the tops of dishes using cut-out holiday decorations from coloring books. Place settings can be personalized by including the guest’s name within the artwork itself. If children are computer savvy, have them create personalized placecards and placemats by experimenting with different holiday fonts and clip art.

Centerpieces: If your child is up for a challenge, opt for creating a 3-D centerpiece for the holiday table. Seasonal objects such as leaves, pine cones, gourds, holly etc. can be placed in a centerpiece bowl or glued/pinned to Styrofoam or cardboard rings to make wreaths and centerpieces. Anything goes as far as centerpieces, however, it is best not to add or place table candles near homemade centerpieces since contents may be flammable.

Children’s table: Many families have children dine at a separate children’s table for logistics sake. In order to break the ice among children and keep them involved in the festivities, have them work together to decorate their special table however they wish. Keep plenty of art supplies on hand for budding artists to create a holiday motif or any theme they may choose. Use some of the ideas above or have them come up with a few of their own.

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