Wanted! Children to fill the following positions in order to make this holiday extra special. Encourage children to become active participants in holiday festivities through these enjoyable and memorable activities.

Authors: Since being thankful is what it’s all about, why not have encourage children to write brief, but sincere thank you notes or poems to family members who will be attending dinner.These homemade thank yous can be left at each place setting at the table. Children can focus on a special memory of that person, or quality that makes them dear. Poems can be as simple as writing a sentence or adjective for each letter in a person’s name (ie: GRANDMA: G is for great: R is for really special, etc.) Younger children can draw homemade thank you cards or pictures (paint, glitter or colorful crayons will give them that extra special touch) or can create computer-generated cards. Whatever children choose to do, rest assured that these thank you notes and poems will surely be gifts that will be cherished for many years to come. So get those creative thinking and writing skills to work.

Photographers: Invest in a fun-saver disposable camera and ask children to take the shots. Kids are sure to enjoy this assignment and will be kept busy taking candids or poses throughout the day. Give them a checklist of guest names so they can make sure they have captured everyone. Whether they decide to take serious or funny photos, this activity is sure to get the good times rolling. Follow up by having kids create a holiday family photo album complete with clever captions or have them send pictures to relatives after they have been developed. Remember that these photos may not be "picture perfect" so you may wish to take one or two photos with your own camera.

Actors: Ham it up! Encourage children to put on a little holiday skit, magic show, dance routine, holiday song or just about anything they wish to perform after dinner. Give them sufficient time to rehearse their performance, and encourage (but don’t force) everyone to participate (Remember that some children may be stage shy.) Not only will the guests enjoy the show, but children will be kept busy practicing and preparing props ahead of time while you are busily preparing the dinner.

Story Tellers: Kids love stories! Family stories that are short, sweet and amusing can be enjoyed by all generations. Keep children’s interest by telling old stories about people they know (such as parents or grandparents) or talk about their favorite topics or hobbies. Children are more likely to participate and contribute if they find the conversation to be interesting and relevant. In turn, ask them about stories they’d like to share or take a moment so that everyone may share something for which they are thankful.

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