Recommended Books For Toddlers

This article has been broken into two sections.  The first section provides book recommendations for young toddlers, and the second section provides book recommendations for older toddlers.
Try Board Books: The perfect choice for budding readers is the smaller sized chunky board books. They are very sturdy and are the right size for little hands to hold and turn pages. Chunky books are reasonably priced and take up little room in diaper bags making them excellent companions for fidgety toddlers. Sure to please….

Goodnight Moon

Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo Board Book

Board books can eventually pave the way for books with paper pages. Since these books can be easily torn, make sure that toddlers know how to properly treat their books!

Well Chosen Topics: Stick to topics that are relevant and popular. Toddlers enjoy recognition of everyday things such as pets, familiar foods, toys etc. Animal books are always a big hit especially when Mommy or Daddy make silly animal sounds to accompany them. Topics you may wish to expose your toddler to are: Animals, ABCs, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Foods, Opposites and Baby Routines (bathing, sleeping, dressing, potty).

Some examples might include:

Once Upon a Potty — Boy

Once Upon a Potty — Girl

Time for Bed

Food For Thought(shapes, colors, numbers, letters, opposites)

Look for Actual Photos: Harder to find, but very effective, are board books made up of actual photos of items. Drawings and cartoons are also fine but are less realistic. If possible try to stick with books that portray things as they would appear in real life. For example, pigs driving cars or elephants eating at the kitchen table are enjoyable, but can cause some misinterpretations.

Farm Animals (A Chunky Book(R))

Baby's ABC

Involve Them: Lift a Flap and Pop Up books get toddlers into the action. Children love to be surprised by what's behind a door or by making things move by pulling tabs. Not only do these books capture children's interest, but they also help them practice their dexterity as well. Stick to books that are age and skill appropriate so that the lifting and pulling of tabs does not become a frustrating experience for little fingers. Also make sure to choose sturdy board book flaps and tabs to prolong the life of the book, although you can expect to have some rips and tears here and there even with the sturdiest of books. Lift a Flap and Pop Up books are fun to read together or for a toddler to explore on his or her own. They are sure to be a favorite!

Open the Barn Door (A Chunky Book(R))

Fuzzytail Friends Lift-and-Look Animal Book (Great Big Board Book)

Peek-a-Moo! (Lift-the-Flap)(series)

Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book


Fun With Rhymes:

Older children enjoy the predictability and song like appeal of rhyming books. These type of books encourage participation and repetition because rhymes are much easier to remember and recite. Favorites rhyming books include:

Hop on Pop (Bright & Early Board Books(TM))

Original Mother Goose

Like a Picture Dictionary: Build your child's vocabulary by selecting simple one word per page books. Think of it as a picture dictionary. Usually a word and accompanying picture or illustration will do the trick. Simple is best and very effective. Great to challenge your older toddler.

My Very First Library

Introduce Simple Stories:

Books with simple, easy to follow story lines can be introduced at this point. Toddlers enjoy predicting what will happen next and learning about the personalities and emotions of main characters. Examples of a simple story books would be:


Happy Birthday, Moon (Moonbear)

Little Quack (series)

The Little Engine That Could: The Complete, Original Edition (A Platt & Munk Classic)

On the Day You Were Born: Book and Musical CD



For additional recommendations for children of all ages and interests, please see Little Ones

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