“Twelve Weeks Before Christmas” Holiday Toy Series: Week #10 Electronic Learning Toys

 LeapFrog®  Leapster® 2 Learning Game System - Green

WEEK #10:


The Little Ones "Twelve Weeks Before Christmas" Holiday Toy Series is designed to help parents and grandparents make smart choices by featuring outstanding/award winning "toys that teach," accompanied by reviews which highlight and explain the educational benefits and specific skills children receive from these types of toys.


Children love interactive toys! Electronic learning toys possess the unique ability to present information in a variety of ways. Thus, they are successful with many different types of learners. The multi-sensory approach includes visual, auditory and tactile learning strategies. For example, when using the Leapfrog Fridge Word Builder (below), children see an alphabet letter, hold the alphabet letter in their hand and hear the sound the alphabet letter makes (phonics) when they place it into the word builder. The word builder then combines the sounds and reads the word. The combination of these three approaches reinforces the learning process. It's not only educationally sound, but enjoyable as well! Children thrive on these types of interactive toys that combine both learning and fun!

Many of the more advanced learning systems like the Leapfrog Learning Game System or Leapfrog Tag Reading, have additional cartridges or books that expand and enrich the learning experience. Additional topics reinforce Math, Science, Reading or Critical Thinking skills and strategies. Choosing quality educational electronic toys like these can give your child a head start on learning. You'll find that these smart purchases are well worth your investment!

LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Alphabet Set Award winning learning toy! Introduce young children to letter names and sounds with this entertaining learning tool. This magnetic letter reader firmly attaches to your fridge and lets children insert letters, listen to letter names, letter sounds, phonics songs, the alphabet song and more! Develops pre-reading skills. Ages 3+.

Leap Frog Fridge Words Magnetic Word Builder   Outstanding & award winning educational toy teaches pre-readers and readers to build & read over 325 3-letter words. Lights, sounds & music add to the fun! Ages 3-7. (**For more information view the complete Little Ones Toy Review of this product**) 

LeapFrog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal SetAward winner! Extremely amusing and educational toy for ages 1+. Magnetic animal set plays learning songs, teaches animal facts and sounds. Mix and match animal bodies to create actual or wacky animal combinations, and enjoy the silliness.  Plays 5 barnyard tunes. A real hit with toddlers!

LeapFrog Fridge DJ Magnetic Learning Radio On the fridge or on the go, enjoy multisensory learning with uppercase & lowercase letters and numbers that light up along with learning songs about counting, days of the week and much more. Dance to the music while you learn! ages 3+

LeapFrog®  Leapster® 2 Learning Game System - GreenLeapFrog Learning Game System The original and best learning system on the market! Can't say enough about this portable gaming system that combines video games and learning! Kids will LOVE the huge library of interactive games (sold separately) which teach math, reading, phonics, spelling, critical thinking and more. Well-worth the investment. Also available: Leapster L-Max and Leapster2 which are compatible with TV or computer. Ages 4-10.

LeapFrog Leapster® Educational Game: Kindergarten Outstanding and award-winning interactive game teaches 45 important Kindergarten reading and math skills such as phonics, spelling, letters, numbers, counting and more. Ages 4-5.

Leapster Arcade: Number Raiders Action-packed arcade game that teaches math skills, solving simple equations, addition, subtraction, sequencing and more. Ages.

LeapFrog My Pal Violet Adorable plush puppy which can be customized to learn your child's name and favorite things via a simple computer download. Plays lullabies, learning songs and teaches numbers, animals, food and more. Select from an additional 30 songs online. Awesome cuddly and educational toy for ages 6 months-3 years. Also available LeapFrog My Pal Scout (Green).

LeapFrog® Tag Reading System Winner of 2009 Toy of the Year Award. Inspire a love of reading with the amazing touch technology of the Tag pen which make words talk, pictures sing and stories come to life. The Tag Library contains over 30 books and games based on popular characters. Develops reading skills, vocabulary, word recognition, and phonics while parents monitor progress online. Worthwhile investment for ages 4-8.

LeapFrog® Tag Activity Storybook Disney Princess: Adventures Under the Sea Follow Ariel and Flounder on their undersea adventure as they explore a sunken ship. Ages 4-8. Over 30 Tag Library titles available.

LeapFrog: Phonics Writing Desk This electronic lap-sized desk is a wonderful learning tool for practicing writing, phonics and spelling skills. Attached pen is used to practice formation of letters and desk features 6 interactive games  Ages 3-7.

Count and Learn Math DeskSpark your child's interest in Math with this electronic Math desk. Learn number recognition and formation along with important Math concepts using 6 different levels of learning from beginning to advanced. Ages 3-7.


For older children:


Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi Of all the hot holiday picks this year, our #1 choice has to be the Kindle Fire. This versatile tablet serves as a color eReader with over 1,000 children's & young adult bestselling titles; a game machine which supports your child's favorite apps and games; an awesome entertainment tablet with downloads of over 100.000 movies, TV shows & their favorite music, as well as a sophisticated web browser. Who could ask for more in one gift? Get all the details and see a demo for yourself at the Amazon Kindle Store.

Kindle Fire with Children's Books See Little Ones Review of Kindle Fire for more information about children's color ebooks for young readers.






For more information, please see:

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Little Ones "Twelve Weeks Before Christmas"  Holiday Toy Series: This holiday series is designed to help parents and grandparents make smart choices by featuring outstanding/award winning "toys that teach," accompanied by reviews which highlight and explain the educational benefits and specific skills children receive from these types of toys.



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