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Construction toys are always a big hit with children! These imagination boosting toys can be played with over and over again without creating the same structure twice. Not only do building and design toys develop dexterity and other fine motor skills, but they also encourage a sense of pride and accomplishment in a finished product. (Don't forget to take a photo of your child next to his or her latest skyscraper masterpiece!) Whether children are building, balancing, or just experimenting, they are allowed to explore their creative potential, while practicing basic manipulative skills. The endless possibilities of these types of building and design sets make for long term play value and big time fun!

Construction and design toys have come a long way, and include both gender neutral, as well as gender specific, designs. There are numerous variations of each of the construction sets shown below. Construction sets can vary according to the age level (infant to adult), building themes (anything from Star Wars to Princesses), block size (toddler sized and smaller) and colors (from primary to pastels.) As with any children's products, check age level guidelines to make appropriate selections and avoid choking hazards.

You're sure to find the perfect building and design set for your child from this wide selection of quality products!

.LEGO Duplo Ultimate Building Set – 71 Pieces  Colorful tub of building blocks for little fingers 18 months-5 years. Award winning toy provides hours of creative fun! LEGO also has a tremendous selection of building sets to delight children of all ages and interests. See Little Ones Special Feature: The Wonderful World of LEGOs.

Iplay Build It Bigger Large and thick nuts, bolts and tools make this 81 piece building set absolutely perfect for ages 3-7. Set builds trucks, robots or monsters and includes a 6 model suggestion booklet. Hours upon hours of creative fun!

Bristle Blocks (300 piece set) Interlocking and colorful bristle blocks provide hours of tactile play. This 300 piece set includes different size blocks, characters and clear storage container. Ages 3+.

 Melissa & Doug 60-Piece Standard Unit Blocks  Award winner! Sturdy large classic 60 piece wooden block set with storage box for ages 36 months-6 years. Lots of open-ended play and an excellent value! Award winner! 

Melissa&Doug Castle Blocks Build your own Medieval Castle with this wonderful 46 piece wooden castle blocks set. Sturdy, detailed castle blocks come in a storage tray along with small medieval characters. Encourages lots of imaginative play! A very good value! Ages 3-6.

LEGO Ultimate Building Set  Great 405 piece starter kit includes sturdy storage tub, building plate, mini figure, windows, doors and wheels. Kit also contains instructions for 5 models plus ideas for 25 + models. See Little Ones Special Feature: The Wonderful World of LEGOs.

LEGO Pink Brick Box Large (5560) 402 piece Lego set especially for girls contains 12 different colors, (including shade of pink), building plate, mini figure, flowers, fences, cups, pots, wheels and more. Ages 4-10. See Little Ones Special Feature: The Wonderful World of LEGOs.

Ello Creation System Fairy Set Amazing 176 piece Fairy theme set lets girls create their own Fantasyland complete with butterflies, flowers and more. Ages 5-7.

Ello Jungala People, Places and Things Set Colorful 173 piece Ello Jungle theme set includes monkey, giraffe, characters, jungle plants and more. Create wild animals, jewelry and other unique items. Ages 5-7.

ZOOBMobile Car Designer 76 Make movable creations with this awesome ZOOB building set. Design your own vehicles or follow easy instructions to build 12 different models. Includes 12 wheels which are notched to work like gears. All pieces are compatible with other ZOOB building sets. Endless possibilities and fun! Ages 6-18.

K'Nex Dinosaurs 20 Model Building Set Super 334 piece dinosaur creator set with special building block that makes realistic stomping and roaring sounds. Easy to follow instructions for making over 20 dinosaurs. A real value and a great set for dinosaur fans ages 5-10.

 Knex Value Tub 400 pieces Build over 20+ models with this 400 piece Knex set. Create vehicles like race cars, trucks, airplanes and more. Includes sturdy storage tub. Ages 7+.

K'NEX Collector's Edition Lincoln Logs Wooden Case Heirloom Gift Edition! Classic 151 piece, all wooden Lincoln Logs gift set includes logs, supports, roof slats, chimneys and building instructions. This product features a beautiful wooden storage case with brass engraving. A quality gift. Ages 4+.

Tinker Toy 200-piece Plastic Construction Set Create endless structures with this 200 piece durable plastic Tinker Toy set. Fits together easier than original wooden pieces. Includes design guide and storage container. Ages 10+.

Transparent Marble Run Awesome 61 piece transparent marble run set including 16 marbles. Develops fine motor, and problem solving skills. Loads of excitement and creative play. Ages 4+.



 Quadrilla Marble Railway, Twist and Rail  Award winning 97 piece marble run plus 50 marbles and play tips DVD. Develops spatial relation skills and critical thinking. Endless designs and entertainment for boys and girls ages 4-10! 


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