The Wonderful World of LEGOs!

LEGOs are incredibly popular among parents of children of all ages. LEGOs are parents' and kids' top choice because they encourage hours of imaginative and open-ended play. With LEGOs you can create a totally new toy every time! Also the LEGO brand has so much diversity that there is definitely something for everyone. LEGO toys are so versatile that they can be played with siblings of all age levels; neighbors; playdates; adults and just about anyone who comes over your house! LEGOs allow for solo or cooperative play and can used along with other toys such as small dolls, hot wheels cars and more! Playing with LEGOs promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and lots of creativity. These great big tubs and creative building sets are loads of fun for kids, and are well worth the investment for years to come.

LEGOs have come a long way since they first appeared on the toy scene, Below is a small sampling of the many different types of LEGOs available along with recommended age levels.

Duplos (Larger LEGO bricks perfect for ages 18 months – 5 years)

LEGO Duplo My First Set The perfect introductory set designed for little  hands. Includes sturdy storage box, 33 Duplo colored bricks, a window, cat and flower. Ages 18 months – 5 years.

LEGO Duplo Ultimate Building Set  71 piece tub of bricks includes sturdy tub for storage, building plate, wagon base and one figure. Ages 18 months-5yrs.

LEGO Duplo Basic Bricks 80 piece set of basic Duplo bricks in different sizes and bright colors. Ages 18 months- 5 yrs.

LLEGO DUPLO World People Set 16 piece set of Duplo multicultural (world) people. Great for imaginative play. Ages 24 months +

LEGO DUPLO Baby Zoo (4962) Adorable 18 piece zoo set includes zookeeper, lion, giraffe, elephant, polar bear and more. Ages 2-5.

LEGO Duplo LEGOVille Feeding Zoo #5634  Extremely popular 53 piece zoo set includes, zookeeper, boy, girl, vehicle, numerous zoo animals and accessories.

Town – Lego Duplo Set 6178 79 piece town starter set includes basic bricks plus one figure, vehicle, fences, windows and flower.

Lego Duplo My First Train 5606 10 piece Duplo train perfect for little fingers. Includes train, clown and elephant.

LEGO Duplo Thomas Starter Set Super 82 piece Duplo set with movable parts will delight Thomas fans. Includes Thomas, Sir Topham Hat, tracks, station, water tower and more.


LEGOs For GIrls:

LEGO Pink Brick Box Large (5560) 402 piece Lego set especially for girls contains 12 different colors, (including shade of pink), building plate, mini figure, flowers, fences, cups, pots, wheels and more. Ages 4-10.

LEGO Belville Sunshine Home #7586 Delightful LEGO summer home includes Mom, Dad, and baby plus house furniture such as dining table, beds, couches,  crib, high chair and loads of accessories. Hours of dollhouse fun for girls.

LEGO Belville Royal Summer Palace (7582) Exquisite LEGO 167 piece Royal Palace includes royal family (King, Queen & Baby Princess) along with beautiful castle features and extra special accessories.

LEGO 7585 Belville Horse Stable 209 piece LEGO Horse Stable for girls includes, one figure, one horse, one foal and accessories like ribbons, carrots, a kitten and more.


Basic LEGOs (Smaller LEGO bricks for ages 4-12)

LEGO Ultimate Building Set  Great 405 piece starter kit includes sturdy storage tub, building plate, mini figure, windows, doors and wheels. Kit also contains instructions for 5 models plus ideas for 25 + models.

Lego Limited Edition 50th Anniversary 4105 Special Edition 50th Anniversary LEGO set includes multi-colored standard bricks, plus several golden bricks. Ages 4-9.

LEGO® Road Construction Set Awesome 300 piece set has everything you need to build several construction vehicles including a truck, front loader, steamroller and more. Set also includes mini figure. Ages 4+

LEGO Community Workers Set Super companion set to any of the LEGO building sets. Includes over 30 mini figures from different occupations and accessories such as helmets, bicycles and more. Ages 5+.

LEGO Creator House Challenging 731 piece LEGO set for older children ages 6-12. Build 3 amazing houses using easy to follow instructions or cuild your own home. Set includes roof, doors, windows, trees, and garden.

LEGO Large Green Building Plate (15" X 15") Sturdy green plastic building plate measures 15 x 15. For use with DUPLO bricks.

LEGO 15 x 15-inch Building Plate Sturdy light grey plastic building plate measures 15 x 15. For use with LEGO bricks. Great base for skyscrapers and buildings.

LEGO® City Police Helicopter Build a 7 inch Police Helicopter with rotating copter blades. This 94 piece LEGO set includes easy to follow instructions, one police pilot mini figure and specially designed bricks.


**Well-worth mentioning is ELLO Creation Systems for Girls, an extremely creative variation of LEGOs, but not made by the LEGO company.

Ello Creation System Ello-opolis: People, Places and Things Set
Outstanding 201 piece design & build system for girls ages 5-12. Award winning design inspires creativity and imagination!

Ello Jungala People, Places and Things Set Colorful 173 piece Ello Jungle theme set includes monkey, giraffe, characters, jungle plants and more. Create wild animals, jewelry and other unique items. Ages 5-7.

Ello Creation System Fairy Set Amazing 176 piece Fairy theme set lets girls create their own Fantasyland complete with butterflies, flowers and more. Ages 5-7.


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