A Christian Easter For Families

There are so many wonderful ways to celebrate your faith with your children during the Easter season! These simple, but beautiful family traditions and Christian gift ideas can help keep children focused on  the true reason for our Easter Hope & Joy. Try these suggestions to keep Christ at the center of your Easter celebrations.


1. Read The Bible & Inspiring Books Together: Lent is a perfect time to introduce this simple family tradition. Read a story or two from these recommended Children’s Bibles or one of these inspirational books at bedtime each night. It is a great way to reinforce the meaning of Easter, and helps children prepare for Holly Week and Easter Sunday. Here is a small sample of the many wonderful children’s books you can use.

Recommended Children’s Bibles & Religious Books

Baby’s First Bible (First Bible Collection)

Baby’s First Prayers (First Bible Collection)

 Baby’s First Easter (First Bible Collection) 

The Baby Bible Storybook

The Beginner’s Bible®The Beginner’s Bible® for Toddlers

The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories

VeggieTales Bible Storybook: With Scripture from the NIRV

VeggieTales Family Devotional (VeggieTales VeggieConnections)

God Gave Us Heaven (series)

Good Night God (series)

The Sleeping Rose, Hunt

A Max Lucado Children’s Treasury: A Child’s First Collection

The Oak Inside the Acorn

The Ten Commandments for Children, Rock

Loyola Kids Book of Saints


**Religious books and bibles also make perfect Easter gifts which can be enjoyed for years to come.** For additional selections, please see Recommended Children’s Bibles & Religious Books for a superb assortment of religious books and bibles for infants through teens


2. Select Christian Gifts as Easter Basket Fillers: Incorporate religious gifts into their Easter baskets along with the traditional Easter candies & treats. Religious toys, dvds & Easter books make perfect choices. These long lasting gifts make great teaching tools, and are a wonderful reminder of the meaning of Easter.

Religious Toys

These wonderful Christian toys and games are based on actual bible stories & religious themes so they provide a "tactile" connection to God’s Word. They provide a great opportunity for children to explore their faith through play!

My Loving Jesus Doll

Holy Folks Small Mary Plush Doll

Gund Lamb "Winky White"

Veggie Tales Bob the Tomato Beanbag Plush

Veggie Tales Larry Mobile Mini-Racer

Tales of Glory Jesus God’s Son

 Fisher-Price Little People Noah’s Ark

Veggietales Don’t Sink in the Sink

 **For additional suggestions, please see a complete listing of Religious Toys & Games along with educational toys at Smart & Affordable Easter Basket Fillers and  Little Ones Recommended Toys & Gifts.

Children’s Religious Easter Books

Christian books are a smart choice for Easter baskets. Easter books promote your child’s reading skills and more importantly, nurture your child’s faith. These smart basket fillers will be enjoyed year after year. and add both joy and meaning to their Easter celebration.

Baby’s First Easter (First Bible Collection)

The Story of Easter (board book), Pingry

The Story of Easter (paperback), Pingry

J Is for Jesus: An Easter Alphabet And Activity Book,O’Neal

The Easter StoryThe Easter Story, Wildsmith **

The Week That Led to Easter – Arch Books, Larrison

A Family Journey With Jesus Through Lent: Prayers And Activities for Each Day

My Catholic Lent and Easter Activity Book: Reproducible Sheets for Home and School


Religious Easter Dvds & Religious Series:

If you are looking for something extra special for your child’s Easter basket, look no further. Religious dvds are a great choice for Easter baskets. Children absolutely love these entertaining and inspiring dvds. Whether they are Easter dvds or the extremely popular Veggie Tales dvds, these basket fillers are a treat for their minds and hearts.

VeggieTales – An Easter Carol   (**See Little Ones Dvd Review**) **See Little Ones Veggie Tales Special Feature for a complete listing of recommended Veggie Tales titles & reviews**)

Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible – The Miracles of Jesus (series) 

The Chronicles of Narnia – (3-Disc Set) – (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe/Prince Caspian & The Voyage of the Dawn Treader/The Silver Chair)

See a complete selection of religious dvds at the Little Ones Veggie Tales Special Feature and Recommended Children’s Religious Dvds & Series.

3. Family Prayer: Lent is a time of increased prayer. If you haven’t already done so, set aside a time for family prayer each day. Start by saying grace together at meals. During Lent you may wish to extend your grace to include a brief scripture reading or prayers of petition, praise and/or thanksgiving. Nighttime family prayers are also a beautiful way to end the day.  Prayers can be said as part of your nighttime family routine. After all, prayer is as important as brushing your teeth before bed! Incorporate prayers right before bedtime stories. Try to encourage petitions from each family member so everyone has an opportunity to participate.

4. Encourage Good Deeds: Encourage good deeds throughout the season of Lent as a preparation for Easter. Use an empty Valentine’s Day heart-shaped candy box. Have family members write down any good deeds they have done during the day on small pieces of paper and place them into the empty heart box. Let your family’s “heart” fill up with good deeds during the 40 days of Lent.

5. Lenten Sacrifice: Plan small family lenten sacrifices. They can be as simple as setting up a family money jar to collect daily spare change that can be donated to a charity of your choice at the end of Lent. You can also volunteer your time as a family at a Lenten church activity, or even at a soup kitchen. Whatever you choose, try to work together as a family.

6. Display Religious Decorations: When decorating you home, don’t forget to display religious decorations along with your Springtime Easter decorations. These serve as visual reminders of the true meaning of Easter.

20" Lighted Religious Cross Easter Window Silhouette Decoration

Religious Easter Cutouts

Religious Plastic Easter Eggs

Evergreen Rejoice Easter Lilly Garden Flag 12.5" X 18"

He is Risen – 28" x 44" – Appliqued Banner House Flag

Toland Rainbow Cross Garden Flag 12.5" X 18"


7.. Plan Family Easter Activities Together: Plan some family activities during the season of Lent. A few suggestions include watching Easter of religious dvds together; baking extra-special Easter cookies by using religious cookie cutters and of course, dying Easter eggs. When dying Easter eggs, take the opportunity to talk to children about eggs as a symbol of  “new life,” the foundation of our Easter faith.

VeggieTales – An Easter Carol   (**See Little Ones Dvd Review**)

Easter Sunday Egg Decorating kit ~ Pure Food Dyes

Easter Egg Coloring Kit

Cross Metal Cookie Cutter Set

A final word...Always remember that of the countless gifts we give our children, the time we spend nurturing their faith is priceless. It is the only gift that lasts a lifetime and beyond. Developing children’s faith begins early, and religious holidays are the perfect opportunity to celebrate your faith together as a family. Reading together, praying together and preparing together are wonderful ways to keep Jesus at the center of our Easter festivities and our lives. 

Prepare children to face tomorrow’s challenges by building a strong foundation of faith today!!!


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