Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving


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Thanksgiving Books Feast on these appetizing books to introduce and educate your child about Thanksgiving and its history. Give your little ones an appreciation for the true meaning behind this national holiday.


Helpful Holiday Hints

The excitement of the holidays can be overwhelming for many children (and frazzled parents as well!) Here’s a way to provide some grounding for your little ones amidst all of the hectic holiday preparations and festivities. By getting children involved in these simple holiday activities you can keep holiday hassles to a minimum. Simply remember the following 4 strategies and watch your holidays become more meaningful, memorable and manageable!

  • Decorate! Creative ways for children to add that special touch to your home & holiday table.
  • Participate! Enjoyable holiday activities guaranteed to get children involved.
  • Cooperate! Suggestions for enlisting children’s assistance during the holidays.
  • Anticipate! Helpful hints to keep children in their best holiday humor.

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Little Ones "Twelve Weeks Before Christmas"  Holiday Toy Series: This holiday series is designed to help parents and grandparents make smart choices by featuring outstanding/award winning "toys that teach," accompanied by reviews which highlight and explain the educational benefits and specific skills children receive from these types of toys.



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Award Winning/Outstanding Toy Picks

Top 25 Award Winning/Outstanding Toy Picks

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